Favorite Things from December 2018

It feels like it was November just yesterday.  A lot has happened and it’s been a pretty good month.  The beginning of January will be hectic, so going to post this a little early. I can always edit if something super amazing happens between now and Tuesday anyway.

International Lolita Day with the local community in Portland was super amazing and I am very glad I was able to go. I already blogged about this event earlier this month, but it was one of my favorite things this month, so I had to mention it anyway.  This is a close up of the print that I wore.

Since we are moving, and since this was the first year I didn’t live at home for Christmas, we did not decorate for the holidays.  This is because I don’t really own any decoration yet (aside from my festive Meowchi plushes and some snow globes that I think I left at my Mom’s anyway), and also because of not wanting to rush to clean up the decorations. And so the Christmas Tree in Pioneer Courtyard made me super happy everyday when I was on my way home.  It rains here in the winter instead of snow (or at least so far…) so I was able to take this picture of the Christmas lights reflecting off the wet ground.

I am also pretty happy about the Top 9 results for my three Instagram accounts.  My aesthetic account is still mostly cats, but I am hoping that in 2019 and forward, I will keep the cats to my normie account.  It was also private for a good chunk of the year, so I think keeping it public will help get more likes.  My food instagram did pretty good too, and my normie account will certainly grow because clearly the internet loves cat pictures.  I am not super obsessed with how many likes I get, but I am very glad that I have separated out the things that I post into three different accounts and hopefully this will help my accounts grow and be more cohesive.

My boyfriend made waffles for me this month.  I have to brag about this. He doesn’t cook very often, but he makes damn good waffles. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Something else I tried this month was custom shampoo and conditioner from Function of Beauty.  I saw lots of other bloggers and influencers sing it’s praises, and I would like to improve how my hair looks. On Black Friday, there was a coupon for it, so I am giving it a shot. I don’t know exactly how I feel about it yet, and I’m not sure if my hair has really improved during the last 2 weeks of use, but these things apparently take time.

Finally, for the last lab meeting of the year, my boss brought in all sorts of little snacks, including these very cute petit fours!  The most festive of little cakes.  At home, we didn’t really do anything special for Christmas (we ate frozen pizza and cream cheese wontons), so it was really nice to have something a little festive with my coworkers.

Thank you for following and reading my posts this year! I hope that I will have more fun and interesting things to post about in 2019, and not just complaining about how I want to buy everything from Angelic Pretty. ヾ(・ω・o) ♡♡♡


Angelic Pretty 2019 Special Sets

I am only blogging about this to serve as a record so I can remember what the special sets this year was, since I can’t buy shit. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Buy things in my honor instead.

On January 1 (Japan time), Princess Roccoco, Fresh Cherry and Milky Swan sets go up for sale on the Japanese Angelic Pretty site, and on January 5, Dramatic Rose and Freshly Picked Strawberries sets go up. In a perfect world where I had money, I would go for Princess Rococco and Dramatic Rose.

Before moving on, if you look at AP USA right now, there is another Fresh Cherry special set STILL for sale from the last round of special sets that were released. I am guessing this new, worse sack dress cut of Fresh Cherry will also stick around for a long period of time.

Princess Rococo is an interesting print. I didn’t really love it when it first came out, and I still don’t really love it that much either. However,  I heard the fabric itself is really nice.  This is likely why this special set is so expensive compared to the others. However, the bodice cut looks really odd to me. It seems kind of low.  It looks like this print is only being released in navy blue.

Milky Swan came out around the time I was starting to pay attention to brand releases. It’s very cute. I am kind of surprised that there is a special set of this print.  This print is being released in pink, mint, lavender and dark blue, which I think were the original fabric colors anyway.

Freshly Picked Strawberries is a print from 2013, so again, why is there suddenly a special set? But it is a nice way for strawberry fans who started after this print was released to have a chance to buy it new.  It’s very cute.  This is being released in white, pink, red and black. The pink is so cute. I always want the pink colorways of things.

Finally, the dress I am sad I cannot get. The others are cute (not you Fresh Cherry) but I don’t feel like I am missing out on, but I feel bad I cannot get Dramatic Rose. I think there was another recently rerelease or special set of this print as well, and I missed out on that too.  I just want to wear Grandma’s Couch-kei with all the floral prints.  This is one of the cheaper special sets this year, and comes in ivory, pink, mint and lavender. This is one where I would want the lavender or ivory colorways, since it probably would not show up as nicely on the pink.

Like shown in the graphic above, these will go live on the Japanese AP site on 1/1/2019 and 1/5/2019, so if you are going to try to order them yourself, make sure you change your password on the Japanese AP site!  They recently underwent a website design and to access your old account, you need to change the password. Do this now before the night of the sale.  Alternatively, wait until AP USA gets these special sets.  Nothing has been said yet, but in the years before, special sets almost always make their way west.

Angelic Pretty 2019 Spring and Summer Collection

Not sure if I just hate everything or if I am being salty to protect myself because I won’t be able to buy anything anytime soon.  The report pictures are from the Angelic Pretty site, which are from a fashion show/tea event that happened December 4th. Prior to this, some of the shopping services based out of Japan had written descriptions or napkin doodles of the prints, but now we can see with our own eyes what is in store for 2019.

There were also some OTT dresses in the report, but I don’t really have much to comment on about them. I do like that they are named after gems though.

Fruity Lemon – I can’t see the cut of the JSK very well due to the model’s veil, but I like the print. Lemon prints aren’t super common and I bet this will be popular because it’s new and different. If the JSK cut isn’t garbage, I would want this.

Fancy Candys – Oh look, another all-over print. Not a huge fan. Not sure if people will be a fan or not, but I don’t think so.

Fleur Cat – Again, can’t see the cut too well, but CATS. I don’t see any fleurs/flowers on this print though. I want this, because cats, but it will probably not fit well the way Romantic Cat doesn’t fit me well. u_u I also predict that people will love this one because it is a cat print.

Jewelry Aquarium – Another all-over print, but I hate it less than Fancy Candy for some reason. Maybe I just hate food prints. I don’t see the aquarium part of the print either. Is AP really throwing darts at a dart board with naming? Also, the OP is a sack cut and I imagine people hate it.

Strawberry Doll – This is interesting. I like the cuts, and they are kind of all-over prints, but the print is running vertical. No big border print at the bottom. I like how it looks but probably won’t be heartbroken when I don’t buy it. I think this would be popular with people who collect strawberry prints, but don’t imagine it will sell out super fast.

Unbirthday – The Kira Imai print and it will be popular because people love Kira Imai. I can’t see the print very well in the picture though, but it looks like a bunch of cakes and presents.

Flower Egg Garden – The idea of an Easter print is really cool, but what the fuck hell is this. Is there only an OP? Actually, I don’t care. This is hideous. It’s an all-over print and super colorful and I hate it.

Magical Horoscope – only showing a JSK here, but surely there is an OP also (like there is surely a JSK with Flower Egg that just isn’t shown). It’s cute, and it has the sailor collar which kind of ties into how sailors used to use the stars to navigate. I don’t think I would buy this, but it is really nice.

Be my Valentine – YES another holiday print! And it’s cute! Only the OP is shown, but there is likely a JSK. There are cats on this print, and are those bunnies also? I am betting there will be a red (duh), pink and white colorway, with a possible fourth wildcard.

Le jardin des anges – Is having a print with a French name the new trend? Still mad about Banquet Celete. This appears to be an all over print with…feathers? I can’t tell for sure. This one also looks okay to me too, however only a sack cut OP is shown.

Airly Julian – this is one of the OTT dresses. I don’t really have any opinions on it.

Rose Bouquet Angel Dress – okay.

Shanghai Doll Dress – Am I drunk or wasn’t this just released?

Fleur Romance Dress – Yup this is OTT.

I also want to mention that I hate everyone’s wigs. For the OTT dresses, it makes sense, but for the regular prints, it looks like they piled cotton candy on top of everyone’s head. I think that Misako is modeling one of the Strawberry Doll dresses, but not only can I not read kanji, I can’t recognize her under a pile of cotton candy.

Great, I only like three prints for the first half of this year (Fruity Lemon, Fleur Cat and Be my Valentine).  No idea which will be released first, but if AP is clever, they will release Be my Valentine either in January or February, so people will be hyped for Valentine’s day. Also, there aren’t any floral prints here. I can’t tell what the hell is going on with Flower Egg Garden, so maybe that is supposed to be their floral print.  I am annoyed but also okay with this, because it just means I can save my money for those cat prints instead.

My 2019 Bullet Journal

I didn’t really change anything about my bullet journal layout compared to the last few months, but it is different from how I started my journal in 2018.

I really love the pastel pink journal I used last year, but they only have teal/magenta in stock when I last bought from Scribbles that Matter.  It is good to change things up.

On the first page, I am using some cute stickers I got from Kumoricon this year!

Like last year, I have a page for my goals this next year, and a big wishlist of items.  I add to these as I come up with new goals and wants.  I had a goal in 2018 to do 50 hours of yoga, and I was able to accomplish that by the beginning of December, so I think in 2019, I will try to do it again plus another 10 hours.

Yearly outlook, with birthdays written (and then marked out for this). It’s less decorated compared to the pages I made last year, but I may go back and decorate it more.

One of the big changes between last year’s journal and this year’s journal is that now I draw out the entire month instead of just doing a list.  I switched to this in the middle of this year, and I think it just looks nicer and helps me remember which weeks are which. I have not decorated this page with doodles yet, but I will probably do that later.

Another new addition is a monthly goals page.  I am keeping the same kind of habit tracker as before, because I really like it. I also want to start tracking my headaches to see if it correlates with anything in particular.

My weekly spreads are exactly the same as they always have been.  On the left is the week with any reminders or things to be checked off, and on the right is a daily diary and a space for miscellaneous notes and doodles.

Finally, my braindump pages.  Some months, I use them a lot, and other months, I scramble to fill them up. But I think that two pages is enough most of the time.

I am really glad that in 2018, I was able to fit an entire year into one journal.  I am pretty sure that I will be able to do the same with this journal as well.

My Collections Journal

I’ve been pretty busy this month! We are getting the lab ready to move, as well as preparing to move to a new apartment in the Bay area.  We have found a new place to live and I am getting everything set up and ready for that. Since things are pretty chaotic, I got my 2019 Bullet Journal ready a little earlier this year, and have another journal prepared to use as a collections journal.

In the bullet journal community, a lot of people will have collections pages built in.  A collection is just a list of stuff. One of the problems faced with collections is that if you use multiple bullet journals a year (so for instance, one journal lasts you three months), then you have to copy over the list to the new journal, or cut out the page and paste it into the new journal. To avoid this, I am just making an entire journal for collections.  I love to make lists anyway, and I think this will be a good way to keep track of various things.  Plus, I have so many journals that I need to find uses for them.

I bought this journal from LucidSky at Kumoricon, and I love it because I’ve been a fan of Sailormoon since I was seven years old.  Inside, it is dot grid (the hot new trend! hah) and I don’t know exactly how thick the paper is, I will take a guess that it is around 80GSM.  It has 96 pages in it, so 192 page sides to write on.

A Table of Contents, which is really just a collection of collections. Hah.

I really like seeing swatch pages, but I also have not gotten around to making any myself, and I don’t really know why I would make one. I don’t foresee myself looking back to one to see if the blue marker I want to use has ink that matches the cap.

I mostly did a washi tape swatch because I just want more excuses to use washi tape. I also will most likely have additional washi tape pages in the future, but I want to use up these tapes before I buy more. I am learning from how I have a stupid number of pens.

A really cute idea I saw on reddit was to do a collection of teas. I love tea! I have too many teas also.  I have had this spread for only a few days now, and I am trying to add to the list as I drink tea.  It is good I have three pages set aside for this, but I will probably end up having do even more pages in the future. I just really like tea.

Finally, I wanted to do a collection of my lolita main pieces, the brand, and when I bought them.  Not sure if I am completely happy with how this page turned out, and I am not sure how many more pages I would need for this. But for now, it’s a work in progress.

Favorite Things from November 2018

Whoops, this is a little late, but better late than never.  Last weekend was ILD, and this past week has been fairly hectic due to making moving arrangements.

November was a pretty good month!

One of the things I bought in Seattle was this Kikamasamune Skincare Lotion. First, it has the consistency of a toner, so a runny liquid. Second, it smells very strongly of sake.  I really like it though. It is no replacement for the Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid toner that I still need to get more of, but still a good addition to my skincare routine.  I am thinking of decanting it into a spray bottle next time I have an available spray bottle, because the pump on this bottle is a big awkward and I almost always spill a few drops.  I don’t know right now if I would repurchase this, since I already like to use rose water as my moisturizing toner step, but once I go through the 500mL, we will see.

I got a needle felting kit from Daiso in October as well, so in November, I gave needle felting a shot. Shown here is my finished product and what you were supposed to make.  It is kind of silly looking.  I absolutely need more practice, but this was also supposed to be the easiest kit of the four that I bought also.  Whoops.

Finally, for Thanksgiving, I made so much food. One thing I made was some beer bread, but using hard apple cider in place of beer. It is what I had around, and it actually ended up really delicious!  The bread had a slight twinge of hard cider flavor, and it went really well with our dinner.  I am really glad it turned out so well, and the beer bread mix was part of a care package my friend’s Mom sent out to us.  I still have two more boxes of beer bread mix left, so maybe I will make some for Christmas as well.  I have no idea how Christmas is going to work this year, but that is why I tried to go all out for Thanksgiving.

Winter International Lolita Day 2018

So Winter International Lolita Day was last weekend, and my comm had an event on Sunday. I was worried because I haven’t interacted with the local community much, and I’m about to leave now too, so I thought things would be awkward. However, I had so much fun, and I am now sad that I didn’t get to stay here longer.

But first, coord pictures.

My brown Long Ears and Sharp Ears Mushroom Forest JSK with a Diamond Honey blouse, Sosic Shop shoes, sweater tights from Target (they are PATTERNED…but also a beige/pale pink ish color, so not ideal. If I can find sweater tights in white….perfect).  Also, a cardigan from HM because I love normie cardigans.  For accessories, I am wearing a necklace and ring from Tasty Peach and did mini buns on my head and stuck on all the bows.

I recently got in more cardigans from Target in pink (shown), lavender and hot pink, and they are thinner than the H&M ones I own, but the colors are exactly what I have been looking for. In the end, I went with the pink cardigan, but then posed badly.  This is why I am showing both pictures….good cardigan bad pose, bad cardigan good pose. What the heck.

I also took a coord pic with my heavy sweater and scarf on.  Not perfectly ideal but I think it looks cute and wintery.

I had a friend take a better coord pic of me later at the restaurant. Almost perfect, but I don’t like how my hair looks in this one.  Someday, I will get it all together.

The tea was held at Elephant’s Delicatessen, which is AMAZING. The food was so good, and the deli part itself had so much tasty looking food. I want to see if there is a location closer to where I live so I can go buy snacks.  Not sure if there will really be time for me to do that, but I can try.

The event room was very nicely decorated, and had a fireplace, which ended up being where people took pictures.  I sat near it because it was warm.

There was not a huge amount of food, but they did bring a second round.  There was sushi, tiny veggie kebobs, two kinds of risotto balls, an odd walnit-cream cheese-date thing, this amazing salmon bite and mozarella cheese on a stick, as well as soup. I did not try any of the soup. There were also some tiny desserts, but I just got a tiny cheesecake bite, and later a little cookie piece.  I was very impressed by how tasty the food was.

The tea set up was nothing too fancy- bagged local tea and hot water carafes.  The hot water ran out a lot, but they were pretty good at replacing it.  There was also soda, beer and wine for sale, but I wasn’t really interested. I do think that is an excellent idea though.  I love seeing the pictures of people with champagne or mimosas at ILD.

There was a raffle, and the system they had was pretty cool. In your goodie bag, you got some raffle tickets, and then put one half of the set of tickets in a jar for the prize that you want.  They also sold addtional raffle tickets during the event.

I won a jewelry set from Poison Tragic, and I think these would go really well with the Mushroom Forest print because of the little snowflake charms.

There was a goodie bag for certain tiers, which had lots of nice things. There was some tea, which I am always a fan of. The key is actually a pen, and it writes pretty nicely.  There was also a doughnut keychain from The Crystal Tree, some art print postcards (I really like to collect these), a ring, a lynx wooden charm (it is a necklace or ornament?), a hand mirror with a super cute design from The Angelic Forest, and a bunch of business cards and coupons to various shops.

The event was really fun.  I was able to chat with someone I met at Kumoricon, and there was a bingo event where we went and had to ask people what they were wearing or if they were wearing a wig or natural hair, or if they owned copies of the GLB, and so on. It was a really neat way to get up and talk to people, and I was able to connect faces with names that I see in the Facebook group.

On Instagram last year, I mentioned that “next year’s ILD will be even better”, and I turned out right.  I think my coord is better and I think I am getting better at taking pictures of myself. I probably had more fun last year since it was with people I had known longer, but this year was really great too and I can say that the community in PDX is really nice.  Next year, Winter ILD will be with another completely different group of people, but hopefully I will be able to actually meet them before Winter ILD.

This was also my third Winter ILD! So I can confidently say that I have been attending meets in the Lolita community for two full years now.