Another Busy Weekend

Yesterday, I went to Ren Faire with my friend! And this year, I *did* wear lolita.

I took a few pictures of my outfit, but upon review, I don’t think they are nice enough to post. I wore my F+F Chiffon Lover JSK in blue with the “black” Little Dipper half blouse. It actually looked more dark navy/blue-black. Also wore solid black tights and some old boots I got from Walmart literally a decade ago. The boots kind of match, but also look kind of bad, however, it has been rainy and no way am I going to test my blue tea party shoes in the mud-hell of Ren Faire. I considered wearing a witch hat, because it was Witches and Wizards theme this weekend, but it looked awful.  I did not do much with my hair either. In some circumstances, comfort is more important.  I also brought my parasol, which came in handy because it ended up raining! My friend and I were prepared though.

It was very humid, so one of the first things we did was buy fans. I really want a lolita-appropriate fan, but even these didn’t quite cut it for me. But it was so nice to have with the humidity. While waiting for my food, my fan ended up breaking. ;_; The little metal piece that held it together was cheap and broke. When I got home, I just removed the metal completely and now it is held together with embroidery floss.

As is tradition with this particular friend, we visited all the booths relating to yarn and fiber arts. She is very interested in someday acquiring a spinning wheel.  Some of the ladies in the historical fiber arts booth were making lace by hand, which I think is super cool. I want to try that someday! The group for historical arts also do blacksmithing and other skills from the Renaissance era.

Eventually, there was a downpour, and my friend and I decided to leave. We went to a bookstore, and then got ice cream and wandered around a bit.

At the Ren Fest, I kind of blended in with other people who were in costume (even though lolita is different from renaissance era clothes), but there was one girl who wanted to talk to me about lolita and cosplays. There were a few people at the mall who told me I looked nice too, which I guess isn’t too different from when I go out myself.

I had a lot of fun yesterday.


Souffesong Weekly Sale – Butterfly Cemetery


Butterfly Cemetery is one of the prints from Soufflesong that I have loved the entire damn time. I think I even posted about it when it was first released. I wanted these last fricking April. And now they are on sale. I would buy two. One in blue and one in purple, one JSK and one OP, and it would be super cheap and I would be happy with cute dresses. I know that with Soufflesong, you have to go print-by-print because some have better quality than others. However, I have seen this print in person, and I still love it.

In blue.

In wine.

In purple.

AND I AM ON A NO BUY UNTIL I GET A JOB and probably longer after that.  I have had such a bad week though, I almost want to just buy it anyway, but then I would feel bad and probably get yelled at.

This summer, I kept thinking that there were not really any dresses that I loved enough to want to buy (Brand is held to pretty high standards for me, since it is so pricey, but even with Taobao brands, there were dresses I liked but not enough to really make me want to buy them, aside from the Arcadian Deer dress). And now it is fall and I cannot do anything. I even have money saved for my next AP dress (if they ever release anything that I both want AND fits the 4cm+ rule…), but I would feel guilty spending it now.

This is HELLLLL. Seeing something you have wanted for a long time go on sale and you still cannot buy it.

Neo-Ludwig Alchemy Spell: Cure JSK

What do I even call this, since Alchemy Spell Cure has a ton of dresses and the prints are all kind of different.

Doesn’t matter, since I can’t buy this dress, even if it is super on sale and then a coupon on top, because I am practically unemployed at this point (funding runs out in two months and I am panicking).  But it is free to whine and appreciate dresses on the internet.

So pretty! Not the biggest fan of the sparkly ruffle at the bottom, but the bow with the moon charm is precious. There is something very elegant about this print and cut too.

You can do bustle nonsense in the back, if you have proper underskirts! One bustle or two bustles? So many options. Also, see the two colorways here: blue and gold/ivory, and green and silver/black. I like them both. ;__; And they are both on sale right now. This is the Egypt dress all over again, and that SOLD OUT.

Details of the Moon Bow pin, and of the print. It looks like a tree from mythology or something mystical like that.

I like seeing the promo art for prints and dresses. Certainly an interesting way to coordinate this dress…

Ugh it is so cute. >_> I am so disappointed in myself that I can’t get this. Or anything, anymore.

2017 Japan Fest

Another October, so another Japan Festival.  This year, I brought my flat comfy shoes in my bag so I would not die in heels. Unfortunately, I died in heels anyway. ;__;

I still had fun, and am still exhausted.

Finally wore my Long Ears and Sharp Ears The Kingdom of Faeries OP. It is comfy and wonderful, even thought there were a few adjustments I had to make to it. I still need to find a long petticoat that will work a bit better also, but I think this looked pretty good.

Still have no idea how to attach this damn bow to the back of the dress, so I sewed a pin on. After having it pinned all day, it drooped, so I think I am going to have to attach more pins to it.

The veil has places for it to be buttoned to something, but the headband did not have any buttons. So I added my own damn buttons. This was actually trickier than I expected, but it seemed pretty secure, and my hair didn’t get tangled up in the buttons either, which is nice.

Something new this year were ikebana flower arrangements near the food court. They were really pretty.

I especially like the pink one on the right.

These are especially beautiful.

Last year, I ran into the problem of waiting in line for a long time and then finding out that food booth only took cash when I had no cash. ;__; It was awful. So this year, I made sure to bring plenty of cash, and went to the food court immediately. This worked out in my favor.

I got some takoyaki, and honey ribs with rice.  I have been craving takoyaki lately and didn’t think there would be any, but behold, there was! However, it tastes like the frozen takoyaki I tried once (and it was kind of gross). I wish the local restaurant that used to serve takoyaki still did. That stuff was amazing. I guess the craving for takoyaki is somewhat fulfilled.

Another display the Japan Festival has every year is bonsai tree. Bonsai trees are pretty neat.

However, this is a bonsai orchid! Look at how cute and tiny it is! °˖✧∩(◎ヮ◎∩)✧˖° I love it so much!

I ran into people from both local coms and was waiting for meet ups to happen. Eventually found a group and followed them around for awhile, and then we left to go get sushi.  The group that I hung out with forgot that I had donuts with them a few months ago, but to be fair, I wore a drastically different outfit for the festival than I did a few months ago. :p They eventually remembered me.

This was a place I had never been to before, but damn, their lunch special is fabulous. $8 for 1 roll, $13 for 3 rolls, and that includes soup or salad, and some of the best crab rangoon I have ever eaten in my entire life. Sadly, this sushi place is far from where I live, but it is near where one of my friends lives. Or it may be worth going out to anyway. Ugh, this now makes me want to go out to eat sushi again, even at the Japanese restaurant by my house. ;__;

As with all festivals and events, there were goodies to buy.

There was a Japanese bakery at the Tea Festival last month, and I got some sesame and herb cookies from them. They were so good. They also had a booth at the Japan Fest, so got more sesame cookies, and chocolate chip matcha cookies. (。ノω\。)゚ I think they are pretty simple cookies, but sesame cookies are really tasty.

Mom lost the lid to my favorite bento box awhile ago ;__; so I had looked online for a new one (and I actually found some super cute ones on Rakuten but too lazy/cheap to buy due to shipping). I found this black 2-layer at the fair for $5! That is a great price! I did have to make an elastic band for it myself, but no big deal. The cat lunch bag was $3. I think it is cuter than the lunch bag I made.

Most events, I buy a big plushie. I did not buy a big plushie even though there were some cute sloth plushies. Instead, I got two little anime figurines, and two pens with pretty designs on them.

What a happy keychain.

It was a fun day, and then I had to go home and nap so I would be alive for a work-related party afterwords (it went okay).

Little Dipper Camouflage Alice Series

It is called “伪装爱丽丝系列” on the site, and Google Translate says “伪装” is camouflage, or disguise. Maybe it is just a plain ol’ Alice style dress. Maybe it is supposed to be Hidden Alice. I have no idea.

Which it really kind of is. It hits all the points of looking like Alice.

I like the flower lace, but am not so much a fan of the ribbon lacing on the front and sleeves. But according to their site, the shoulders go up to 42cm. That is my new concern- my shoulders cannot fit into anything.

I would get pink, not light blue. Pink is superior.

And then there is red and I do want a Christmas-y type dress still. The flower lace must be dyed to match the fabric, but it IS there still. Maybe only the pastel colorways have white lace.

This is what it looks like without the apron. Also, black colorway! With black lace flowers! Also, not shown here but on the Taobao page, the little collar is removable too.

It appears there is a long version and a short version, but these pics are all of the short version and I am not exactly sure how the order page distinguishes between them.  Usually I can pick out characters, but I am having trouble today.

There are also matching headbows.

In other news, the Lady Victoria Rose Jewelry dress from BTSSB is up for reservation until the 9th.  Upon closer inspection, there are some weird bits in the print that I don’t really like, such as photo realistic portraits of some lady who must be Lady Victoria. I’m more excited about this Alice knockoff dress and that Ista Mori meme dress than I am about real brand. Hah, I am so odd.

October Wishlist – Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, also abbreviated as just Baby or BTSSB, is one of the famous Japanese lolita brands, but to this point, there hasn’t been a release that made me want to buy anything (that would fit, because things that don’t fit are immediately ignored).  This may now change, since I have done further research and found that there are some BTSSB cuts that WOULD fit. Hmm this really should have been more obvious to me, after not realizing for years that I could fit into AP depending on the cut. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These are all early previews though. These are pictures from Facebook, and the magazine in question is Girlism.

Le Bouquet’s a flower print! I love flower prints!

Lady Victoria Rose Jewelry. So more flowers. But I love flowers. Almost every dress I own has some kind of flower on it, with a few exceptions.

Not the biggest fan of the skirt design where it is open and then you have a false skirt underneath (so both cuts for Lady Victoria and the left hand cut for Le Bouquet).

There are also 5 or 6 other releases posted as well, but these are the ones I care about. I want to see more colorways and more details of the prints. I want to see size information and prices so I can be sad. These are so pretty though. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)


October Wishlist – Taobao edition

HECK. Why do there have to be a ton of releases when I should not be buying things?

Ista Mori Nameless Poem is a meme dress, in that it was super popular, size friendly, and cheap, so the meme is that lots of people have the dress. I too want the dress, because it is going up for sale.

The original meme dress.

There is also a version without the cross embroidery, which I would get. Also, WINE COLORWAY.


This will go up for order on October 5. I want it. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ The winexwhite and the blackxwhite. There is also a whitexblack.

A few weeks back, there was an event called Dream Masquerade Carnival, where Long Ears & Sharp Ears/Pink Up participated in a fashion show with a bunch of upcoming prints. No Devil Emblem, but there are a TON of dresses that I want. These are all taken from Facebook.

Moonlight Waltz in black. This STRONGLY reminds me of Krad’s Beauty and the Beast print.  I love this kind of artwork on a print. Is that a vampire on there too? =^● ω ●^= Or just some elegant nobleman?

Camelot Market, again, a similar art style to Moonlight Waltz and some Krad prints. This blue colorway isn’t bad…


Finally, there is this print, which I can’t find a name for yet.  I want to see more detail in this dress before deciding if I want it yet or not.

Other wise, I want Moonlight Waltz in some colorway and Camelot Market in ivory. Maybe AP will continue to be totally disappointing so I will have extra money for dresses.

OH WAIT, BTSSB released a bunch of stuff I want too…but it gets its own post.