Angelic Pretty The Sky Banquet

There is a limited special preorder of The Sky Banquet!

Pink colorway of the plain JSK. Oh no, it’s beautiful. It strongly reminds me of Rose Museum, but in a good way.

Detail of the lavender colorway. There is also wine (which I kind of have a preview image of  here, and mint which I have no idea what it would look like.  I really like the lavender colorway, so I think when this comes up (or if it is unpopular and goes on sale later), I will go for lavender. Next would be pink, but I am predicting the pink won’t be popular. No idea what the mint looks like, but with the blue in the print, I don’t think I like it, and I think this dress is too sweet for the wine to look good. Wine is a better colorway for more elegant styled dresses, like Fairy Rose Princess (WINTER SALE WHEN).

However, before you get too excited, not just anyone can preorder this dress right now. If you attended the recent tea party/fashion show “A dinner with an angel dreaming of a sky”, then you can order. And you can’t even fake it, because you have to add in your invitation number and name to your order. So I feel a little bit better.

This early reservation is only until December 17th and dresses will be delivered in January-February 2018. Public sales will probably be around the same time.

What I am very interested in is the sizing and price! The JSK is 32,184 yen, or approximately $284 USD (at the moment).  There is a headbow or a bonnet available for this print too.

Sizing, the bust is 90-99cm, and the waist is 70.5-81.5cm, and the dress is 96cm long. The fabric is Doby Deshin, which I think is dobby?

In addition to Sky Banquet, Fresh Cherry and Doll’s Tea Party are also up for special preorder.


Long Ears and Sharp Ears Blood Moonlight Waltz

Whelp, I am not getting this print after all.

There is a dress set (extra fancy OP with a bonnet and choker included), a long sleeve OP, two JSKs and a skirt. The colorways are wine, navy, black/brown and black/purple.

JSK2 in blue on the top left, then the OP in black/purple on top right. JSK1 in wine on the bottom left, and the dress set in black/brown on the bottom right. As usual, I don’t care about the skirt cut, but it appears to be a high waist skirt.

Not a huge fan of any of the cuts. JSK1’s neckline bothers me, and JSK2 all together is just meh. I don’t like the vest-style bodice and I don’t like the faux open underskirt style of skirt (that is more acceptible if it is a back bustle, but as a front bustle, I am not a fan). I would combine the bodice style of the dress set with the skirt of JSK1, with a bustle in the back. Maybe a more simple bodice than dress set, but combine with the waist ribbon from JSK2.  I would probably be the most okay with the Dress Set cut if it was a JSK.

On top of disliking the cuts, the bust for all of these only go up to 96cm. >__> Custom sizing IS available, for $10 for <100cm and $20 for >100cm, however the cuts do not make it worth it for me.

It’s better that I am not preordering more dresses right now, but I had hopes for this. Oh well.  Now also worrying that Camelot Market will be disappointing too, but that’s okay because it just frees up money for other things, right? Ugh, but I really love this brand so far. Maybe I just want sweeter things right now.

Right now, it is up for preorder on Taobao and Clobba, and the Storenvy will likely start taking orders soon. On Clobba, they are asking for 50% of the full price, and indicate the dresses will ship in March.

Angelic Pretty 2018 Releases

Angelic Pretty had a tea party/fashion show called “Angel Dreaming in the Sky”, with previews of the Spring and Summer prints for 2018! I got these images from Lolita Updates.

Some of these names are wild, like Space Lollipop and Unicorn Mermaid.  There are also a ton of the super over the top couture dresses that are pretty much just for fashion shows, but those never interest me.

天空の晩餐会 translates to The Sky Banquet. I see roses and either hot air balloons or cakes. I am not sure. But I like this print already, but this cut (the OP) is too fancy.  It will come in pink, mint, lavender and wine (shown), and released in February 2018.

The Kira Imai collaboration! So this print is going to be extremely popular. I even kind of like it, with how simple the JSK cut is. Looks like it only comes as a set with a JSK and only in sax. It will be released in April.

In my head, Fresh Cherry looks almost identical to Creamy Cherry (the 2017 AP Cherry print), but I am sorely mistaken. This one looks much better, with gingham background. It comes in pink, sax, red and black and will be released in March. The red colorway is a MISTAKE. You know what would have been better? Yellow. Lavender. Grey. Any other light color that would allow the cherries to show up. But instead, we are blessed with a print where the cherries blend in to the background.

Here is the mascot Lyrical Bunny modelling Dessert Berry. I LIKE IT. Cherries and strawberries! No Gingham! I want this one. Is this the dress to be hyped up about? Just wait~

This is the couture OTT version of Sweet Lacy Basket, and it is my #1 hyped dress from this fashion show! I don’t care for the OTT version, but THOSE FLOWERS. No, not roses, but I like them anyway. I can’t wait for the normal JSK.

There were a few selfies of other models, but for the most part, the other prints are mysterious. Wonder Patisserie is probably a baked goods print. Sugar Candy Shop is obviously candy. Fantastic Horoscope and Space Lollipop are space prints of some kind, and Unicorn Mermaid is probably a marine print. But will it have narwhals on it? I can’t imagine that I would be too into Wonder Patisserie or Sugar Candy Shop, but as for Fantastic Horoscope, Space Lollipop and Unicorn Mermaid, who knows. I do love the name Unicorn Mermaid though.

From what I’ve seen, Sweet Lacy Basket is #1, followed by Dessert Berry and Sky Banquet. (*≧▽≦)

Waiting for Releases

I am presently waiting for 3 prints to be released, and whenever I see updates or previews, I get so excited.

First, Arcadian Deer Four Elements Fire, which I already blogged about the other day.

But also, Long Ears and Sharp Ears Camelot Market and Moonlight Waltz. Girlism (a Chinese fashion magazine) had a fashion show recently, where there were previews of these prints!

Moonlight Waltz in black. I am indecided on which colorway I would want, or even which ones are available, but I like the cut of this dress. No weird bustles in the front, and it almost looks like the top may be similar to the top of the Kingdom of Faeries OP. Not entirely sure if this is an OP or just a JSK with a fabulous blouse.

Here is Camelot Market, and again, I like this style of skirt, aka plain. That trim is kind of interesting too- doesn’t look like regular lace. Not a hufe fan of this emerald color, and not sure how I feel about those sleeves either. Will there be a shorter sleeve version? I hope so.

I am just anxiously awaiting the release of these prints.

Winter International Lolita Day 2017

It has been one year since my first meetup! I think I have improved dramatically.

Today’s coord was Angelic Pretty Rose Museum Special Set JSK, a blouse from Soufflesong, Antaina shoes, the new petticoat from Aliexpress, plain white tights (things that will never change…) and a flower headband from Sweet Dreamer (cannot find it anymore).  Also wearing two pearl bracelets and a pearl chain necklace I made.

How is it possible that I am so terrible at posing. I was even trying to stand up straight and not look so awkward. Also, my face looked especially stupid here, so it is now a cupcake.

We had tea at Anna Marie’s tea house, so this is the third time I’ve gone to tea here. I am still impressed.

We even got Christmas crackers. I have never done one before.  How it works is that you cross your arms, and then each of the people next to you also cross their arms, so each pair of hands is holding a Christmas cracker. Once you are in a circle, everyone pulls at the same time and POP~! Inside, there is a dumb plastic toy, a paper crown and some bad jokes.  This is an old tradition from Great Britain, and is the inspiration for the Party Hats worth millions and millions of gold in Runescape (at least back when I played it 10+ years ago).

As always, food was delicious. We had Christmas tea, which was tasty. Not precisely sure what flavors were in it. and their website does not seem to specify a single Christmas tea. We also had turkey apple sandwiches, roast red pepper and spinach sandwiches, cheese pennies, scones with mock cream, snowball cookies, a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and cranberry orange bread. It was good, and it is always good. I like to daydream about making a bunch of cute little tea snacks and sweets and doing my own tea, but I am lazy.  Maybe in 2018, I will try to do that.

A detailed shot of my shoes from Antaina.  I actually bought these to wear at Nakakon earlier this year, but they didn’t get here in time. Finally wore them today. I usually get size 41 shoes from Sosic Shop, but these are size 42. They are a little bit loose, but they were fairly comfortable.  These shoes are the type where the straps have metal snaps, so switching between these and flats for driving is pretty easy, just make sure to adjust the straps so they fit well.  There was a small scallop by the back of my ankle where the blue coating had already fallen off, and this was the first time wearing them out (I did wear them in my house for a short period of time earlier this year). That is a little disappointing.  At this point, I think I have all the shoes I really need (maybe some gold shoes to match a few things in the future but I am in no rush), but I will probably stick to Sosic Shop for shoes, unless there is something they do not make (for example…gold shoes).

Over the past month, there was talk on my com’s page about doing a gift swap. As I am trying to save money, I never commented that I didn’t want to do one.  Thus, my first mistake. I was hoping it would be forgotten. It was brought up again at the last minute. If I had more time, I would have made gifts. I am already embroidering tons of things, so I could have made handkercheifs. But I waited until the very last minute, so this morning, I ran out to buy some very basic cheap gifts that I though could be pretty “one size fits all” like lip balm and hand lotion. It is winter, so these things will come in handy (so I hope). I made up gift bags, and behold, I have completely misunderstood. The gift exchange was supposed to be more like a white elephant, where everyone brings a gift and then they are passed around until an arbitrary time and then you get what you are holding. Oops. So half of the people just brought nothing, and then of us who remained, half brought a gift to pass around, and then those of us who brought small gifts for everyone.

I gave everyone a little gift bag, and then in the gift passing (it doesn’t really feel like a gift exchange), we tried on a pair of shoes.  One girl won the shoes, but they were a totally different size from what she could wear. The shoes were size 41, so I tried them on, but they were WAY too small. They ended up going to a different girl who wears size 39.  That girl then passed the necklace (shown above) to me because she doesn’t have anything to wear it with. I don’t have anything that deep shade of purple, but I still like it. And then we all got lollipops.

After tea, we toured the tea house and took pictures, and then drove all the way across town to a Christmas light exhibit in a park.  I would not have planned these two things on the same day, however there were good reasons it had to be this way, so I was mentally prepared for the drive.  It was actually really beautiful, but crowded. It was worth it though, and I had a really good time.

I was feeling really sick yesterday, so I was worried about how much energy I would have for today, but everything went great today.  I am a little sad, since this might be the last meet I have, since we might be moving sometime. Maybe I will still be in town, or maybe 1000 miles away.  But this has been a good year and I am really grateful.

Arcadian Deer Four Elements of Astrology ~FIRE~

For some reason, simply googling “Arcadian Deer Taobao” was failing me, so this is their shop:

Anyway, I was actually looking for more details on their Light and Breezy OP.

I like it but Little Dipper also has solid OPs that I KNOW would fit so I am tempted there. But I was curious and think it would be cute roomwear. Anyway, while looking at Arcadian Deer’s weibo, I found full preview pictures of the Fire Dress!

Red colorway JSK, looks nice. I was expecting red. This looks nice.

Black is nice too. This also appears to be a different JSK cut, and I like it better.

OP cut, and also FUCK IT IS PINK. Weibo also mentions there will be a skirt, which they had for the Air print also.  I have no plans to go for a skirt or OP, has to be a JSK. But SO many options this time around, with 2 JSK cuts and 3 colorways. I guess the Air release was successful (yay).

Their weibo indicates that it will go on sale around New Years. Wait…Chinese New Years (late January) or Standard(Jan 1) New Years?  Either way, it’s fine, because as they said on weibo:

考虑到你们已经没钱了,我打算把火象放到过年上! ​​​​

(this translates to “Taking into account that you have no money, I intend to put the fire on the New Year! The company is located in:”)

Bless Arcadian Deer for knowing my life situation.  But oh goodness, which colorway? The red is very traditionally “fire”, but the black looks nice and the pattern pops really well. But also, PINK. The pink does not seem fire-y at all, and the pattern looks slightly washed out against it, but then again I got the ligher periwinkle colorway for Air and the pattern looks great.  I almost always get pink when pink is an option too. But it looks so regal and elegant and I love it. (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \) I WAS NOT EXPECTING A THIRD COLORWAY! The pink doesn’t really feel “firey” to me either, but I still love it.

Thankfully, I have time to think about this. I will keep an eye out, because I already decided months ago that I am going to buy this.

What if it comes down to this dress vs Fairy Rose Museum on sale though…⊙︿⊙;; that is a tough one. At least you can find brand for sale secondhand…


My family held Thanksgiving this past weekend, and it was really wonderful. Also, this was the first time I intentially wore lolita around my family!  Although, a very, very toned down coord, but it was something.

I am wearing F+F’s Puck’s Prank OP and a (gasp) normie blouse I got some somewhere. Plain tights and bow flats.  The petticoat is one I got for cheap from Aliexpress with the intention of sewing two together to make a super fluffy one. Actually, this petticoat is fairly decent.

Wearing this dress, I was reminded of how much I love this dumb OP that isn’t really an OP. I am so tempted to go buy the other colorway of it. But no, I am saving my money to move/buy brand/not starve to death.

Speaking of food…

Cherry pie~

I like taking pictures of food.

Most years, my family will go around the table and talk about the things we are thankful for, but we forgot to do this, twice. I am thankful for a lot of things.  I am thankful for my Mom (even if she drives me nuts) and my brother and sister-in-law, and my boyfriend. Also thankful for my friends I’ve met over the years in Grad School and College, and my online friends, and the people in my comm. Very thankful for some of the people in my lab (very strongly the opposite of thankful for other people though).  I am also very thankful for cats. All cats. My cats, your cats, my friends cats, my boyfriend’s cat, every cat ever.

It’s been a stressful year for various reasons, but I finally got to be active in a comm and that makes me happy, so I am glad I got to do that.