Fire Dress Postponed

Apparently Arcadian Deer only had 5-20 of each cut/colorway prepared for the Chinese New Year release of AD Four Elements of Astrology – Fire. Clobba said he is still getting information, but it is likely that things will sell out super fast and there will be a larger release around May.

I do not mind this at all, since I would be begrudgingly spending money on a dress now when I really should not be. So as sad as I am that the Fire Dress will have to wait even more…I am glad I can hang onto that money a bit longer.

However, a preorder page is up on Arcadian Deer’s Taobao…it says the first batch of stock will be up in early May, and there will be a total of 10 XL JSKs for each color, and 5 XL dresses for each color. Ahh. There will only be 5 skirts each (why) in all sizes, and there are 25-30 of each color JSK and dress in the smaller sizes.

I do think I have settled on getting the red colorway, so that is good. If I get another email from Clobba saying that this first batch hasn’t sold out yet, then I will give it a shot. But otherwise, I am content waiting for the second batch.

If there is no second batch, I will be so damn pissed.


Popin’ Cookin’ Tanoshii Donuts

These kits have been around forever and are easy enough to find in the US if you have a local Asian market.  The Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ kits! I got one to do for Valentine’s Day, but then was lazy. So I did the kit today.

I actually tried one of these kits a few years back, when the instructions were all in Japanese. I know these are super easy to find now because the instructions on the box were all English. Heh.

Cut up the plastic piece to separate the parts out and follow instructions.

All of the pieces of the kit to mix things in. There is also a pink spatula to mix things with. All you need is some water!

Donuts are made, plus the tubs of icing and choco sauce, and crumbs and sprinkles, all ready.

They are pretty cute.

But what do they taste like? Imagine eating raw cookie dough or cake batter (I know you do this even if the instructions tell you not to!), but it is gummier and just unpleasant. That is what this is like. Unpleasant to eat. :< I ate one of the donuts just to remember how gross they are. Tried to eat a second donut but spit it out.

The frosting actually tastes okay. The pink strawberry frosting tastes like the stuff on strawberry pocky – that extra fake strawberry flavor. The little crumbs and sprinkles taste ok, but the doughnut dough is just gross. Especially the chocolate dough.

I really just wanted to decorate cute tiny donuts.  I think there are similar kits out there, only instead of it making food, it just makes decoden plastic pieces, or erasers.  So this is how I wasted $4 on some dumb nasty tiny donuts.  I did buy better chocolate to eat for Valentine’s Day too though, so it’s not like it was a total loss.

Coffeeshop Meetup

On Saturday, I attended a met up at a coffee shop. Honestly, I was feeling kind of down about going to meets in general after the donut meet in January, but I was pleasantly surprised!

I wore my lavender Mushroom Forest JSK by Long Ears and Sharp Ears.  I wore a taobao blouse underneath, and an H&M cardigan because it was COLD. Fleece white tights from Target (I need more of these, by the way), a white F+F underskirt, and shoes from Amazon. The pink of my cardigan, shoes, and dress did not match.  I probably could have switched out the shoes for a different pair of pink shoes, but I didn’t really care that much.

I didn’t really plan out this coord ahead of time, and like I kind of mentioned, the last meetup (even though it was a different group) really left me feeling down for various reasons (which I didn’t really talk about before. I think I can best describe it as feeling like I didn’t belong?)  So when getting ready for this, I mentally decided that I would probably not go to more meets for awhile, because maybe a break would be what I need to become more excited about things again.

Devil Kitty was interested in my shoes and kept getting in the way while I was trying to take coord pictures.  So here is your cat picture!

The coffeeshop we went to is actually very close to where I take my Mom to the doctor, so it was nice to discover this place.  The shop itself is very chic and full of hip young people.  It doesn’t have a huge selection of items, but there were pastries and tea.

I ordered some Earl Grey, and while it did take forever to get my tea, it was some of the best tea I have ever had. I mean, most Earl Grey teas taste the same to me, but this tea was prepared just right for my tastes. Not too hot, not over steeped. Most coffee shops I go to will give you boiling hot water with the tea bag still in it, and if it is non-herbal tea, then it will usually taste oversteeped and the only way to resolve that is to dump in a ton of sugar. And then you usually can’t drink it for another 10+ minutes! But at this coffee shop, I could drink my tea right away. I was so happy.

I got a lemon-ish scone, and it was very good.  Their pastry selection was not huge, but this was a pretty quality scone.  I had no idea what flavor it was until I ate some of it, so I am glad that gamble ended well.

So I mentioned that I was feeling kind of down about going out, but I am a staunch believer that if you mark on the event page that you are going, you either go to the event or you let them know (either via text or changing your status or whatever) that you can’t make it. Half of the people who responded as going ended up not showing up, and a few people did message the host, but others just ghosted the whole event.  So I was kind of glad I did show up, because I imagine it feels crappy to try and put together an event and have no one show up.

But more importantly, I had FUN. We chatted about the fashion (which is kind of why I go to these things) and other topics where I felt like I could contribute to the conversations.  I feel inspired again to go to more meetups so I can chat more.  So I am really thankful for this meetup, and glad that I dragged myself out of the house.

Banquet Celeste and Fairy Rose Princess is kill

Here I am, calling this print The Sky Banquet all this time, when apparently Angelic Pretty has decided to translate it as Banquet Celeste.

I mean, AP Paris has it listed as Banquet Celeste, but that is approximately French for Sky Banquet, so…why? I like The Sky Banquet better as a name.

ANYWAY it goes up for sale TODAY at 12pm PST, 2pm CST. And I still have no money.

But more importantly, when you go to AP USA’s site and click on the links for Fairy Rose Princess, as well as some of the sale links, they all send you to a “you are not authorized to view this page” message, so I think Fairy Rose is finally going on sale today. ;__; The Special Set is already on sale for $210 now, which is a much better price than $300. But I am pretty sure that if there is any Fairy Rose Princess stuff left, it will go up for sale today.

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

(ノ≧∀≦)ノ mildly successful adulting!

Yesterday, I listed three items to sell on Facebook, and already have sold two of them! I am glad to have two more items out of my house, and slightly more cash in my pocket.  Unfortunately, more valuable things I could see myself selling (some of those useless Pusheen vinyl figures, for example) would be harder to sell locally and I’d rather not deal with having to ship things.

The weather today has been really nice too, 54F! Which was nice, since I went to meet the buyers today, and tonight I am meeting my friend for dinner. I was able to open my room windows today to let in some fresh air, but it will be cold again tomorrow, and it might even snow more on Saturday. That is partially why I decided to only go to one of the meets on Saturday, instead of both.  Also, I don’t know if they would want to put up with me for so many hours in one day. (・ε・` )  It is the Valentine’s Day meet, so tomorrow I will look through what dresses are still unpacked and see what I can put together.  I still don’t have a nice red dress yet.

Unfortunately, my head is hurting a lot today, so I should try to take a nap before going out, since that is usually the tried and true way of curing headaches. Not dehydration since I have been drinking water all day, nor caffeine withdrawl since I had some black tea earlier this afternoon. Not out of hunger either, since I remembered to each both breakfast AND lunch today, and had a snack earlier.  I wonder if it is eye strain, or the drastic weather change.


Adulting sucks.

I did taxes last week, and instead of being able to save my refund for retirement (like last year), this year it is just survival money. Already this week, I have dealt with updating and paying off credit cards, and switching my autopayments to the new ones.  Later this week, I need to work things out with my bank.

Today, I listed some old tea sets that I never used to sell on Facebook Marketplace. I think one of them may have been a gift, but I can’t remember for sure. I mostly want to get rid of them, but it would be nice to get some money for them too.

I know AP Fantastic Horoscope is being released this weekend, and I actually really like the JSK cut. I am trying to not focus too much on the new releases, since I can’t buy anything right now. OH NO Fairy Rose Princess has been removed from the AP Japan shop, which means it will go on sale soon, or it is totally gone. It doesn’t even pop up if I go to the JSK listing. And only sax (worst colorway…) is available on AP USA’s site. Ugh, I may have just missed it completely. t(-_-t) Damn.

I am still planning on getting the fire dress on the 16th, even though I am so very cautious about everything.

Ugh I need to go work on doing laundry.

Donut Meetup and shenanigans

On Sunday, there was a donut meetup I went to.

Proper coord was AP Aquarium Carnival Special Set OP, a white flower lace cardigan from Target, Sosic Shop shoes, white tights, and an underskirt from Fanplusfriend.  I like the idea of underskirts, but they always end up looking oddly uneven. I have also found that the poofier I try, the shorter the skirt ends up being (this makes perfect sense if you think about it), so I am going to need to acquire MANY more underskirts.  Right now, I have this blue one, a pink one and a white one.  But looking back at this, I don’t think the silhouette looks the way I want.

I save all my coords by year using the collection function on Instagram, and noticed that when I wore this OP last (Nakakon 2017), I also coorded it with this damn cardigan.  It’s for the best, since the sleeves feel a little tight.

None of my selfies looked any good either. I tried the headbow, and I think I may be defeated as far as headbows go. I ended up putting my hair into little bear-ear buns and clipping in a ton of bow clips. Another thing to add to my next taobao order.

Sunday mornings are traditionally the day I take my Mom to go buy her groceries.  I did not have time to wear normal clothes, come home, and then get ready for the meet up, so I dressed down my OP to go grocery shopping! I would have worn a proper coord if I was shopping alone, but Mom wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t want the extra stress of my outfit PLUS dealing with her. So this is without the petticoat or underskirt, and fewer hair clips. I also buttoned up the cardigan to cover the front bow.  Is this that soft lolita variant that Misako Aoki talks about sometimes?? (⌒▽⌒);;

Parking sucked at the Donut Meet, but I knew this going in due to the part of town we were in, and also noon on a Sunday is prime brunch time.  We went to a specialized donut shop/bar where they have a variety of different donut flavors, and also many that are vegan or gluten free.  This is actually the same shop I went to for a donut meetup last year, but it was with a different group of people.  I got a very basic long donut with sparkly sprinkles on it…the same one I got last time (I just checked my post from last July).  Ha, I usually like to try new things but I guess I am easily drawn in by the appeal of sparkly donuts.  There was a listing for a Boston Cream Pie donut, but they were sold out.

There was a great turn out for the meetup, which was great! However, the donut shop is very small and doesn’t have much seating (plus they were already busy), so the tables were cramped and I felt pretty anxious.  It’s also difficult to hear all the conversations when sitting in a row.  One of my friends then texted me about some plans we had made for that afternoon, so I decided to leave a little early. We got our group pictures taken (had to get it from someone’s Instagram though…) and then I went home.

I was planning on wearing my super toned down version to go see my other friends (a first! They haven’t seen me wear lolita in person yet!) but then I noticed my leg was all bloody. ಠ▃ಠ Okay it wasn’t too bad, but I had to wash the tights immediately to get the stain out.  Somewhere I hit my knee and it actually bled…I’m glad I didn’t get it on my dress.

So I changed into jeans and went to see my other friends, and thus concludes the donut meetup report. I guess everyone else went to the local art musuem and took more pictures.  From their pictures, it looks like they had a great time.

Here is a bonus picture of my cat, trying to cuddle with my shoes. This is even before I wore them out. She is so strange.