Happy Caturday!

Everyday can be Caturday if you try enough. But traditionally, it is Saturday.

So I have a snapchat story to share about one of my cats, Devil Kitty.


Happy 3 years…?

Apparently I registered on WordPress three years. But it wasn’t until this month when I started actually using Wordpress. I wonder what I was planning before…

Very tiring day today. The School of Graduate Studies held their Community of Scholars event, where they honor grad students who have won awards and stuff. I won a grant through them, so that’s the main reason I was there. Also, I presented a poster all afternoon. An old poster that needs some updating. But on the bright side, I am working on the new poster, and planning on how I will test out Spoonflower. Spoonflower is a fabric printing company and it is possible to print your scientific poster on fabric. No annoying poster tube on the plane? Can wear your poster as a cape? Hell yea!

I haven’t asked my boss about this little endeavor, since he’s kind of traditional. I plan on paying for said poster out of pocket. I’ll tell him that the Women’s Council paid for it (they kind will, with the money they gave me for travelling to TAGC and TAGC is why I am making a new poster at all).

Weekly Lolita Dress Run Down

Wow, there are a ton of dresses up for order this week. Some I want, some I want to poke fun at, and some I want but not really but also cats. But seriously, Clobba Online’s Facebook is amazing at letting me know what dresses are available. Soufflesong has had some of these listed as well.

First, let’s start with ones I want and am under a time limit for.  Long Ears & Short Ears (they have a Storenvy, but also sold on Clobba) is re-releasing their Mushroom Forest print, and the JSK is cute and would fit me.

so prettylavender is always the bestomg mint

So cute. I really want to support LE&SE because they are an indie brand and I really like  these patterns. But once more, I am faced with the whole “don’t buy the same print/cut in different colors, you dummy!” thing. I probably have about a day to make up my mind on this because everyone is saying this fabric print is limited. ヽ(´ー`)┌ I’ll probably not order them, but I do want to share my love for them with the world.  I suppose I am waiting for them to release something like Stardust Jewel again, which I fell in love with but missed out on. Or for a Lucky Pack. They have amazingly affordable Lucky Packs.

But man, if I was super wealthy, I’d get this same JSK in all the colors. Sadly, the OP wouldn’t fit, and the Salopette is a bit awkward and requires a nice blouse, which I am still lacking).

Next up is Neverland Butterfly Graveyard JSK and OP.

Dark Blue JSKPurple High Waist OP

These are on Clobba AND Soufflesong for around the same price, and there is no deadline. NONE. So I might buy these after I get paid. Even if it breaks the “same print/different cut/different color” rule. I think these two dresses are different enough. Definitely getting one in purple, and the other in either dark blue or dark red. I am leaning towards blue.

When thinking about lolita fashion, since I am on a budget, I want to try and figure out the image I want to portray. Do I want to be a Sweet Lolita (more akin to the Mushroom Forest JSK above, and the dresses coming in June)? Do I want to be a Gothic Lolita (like these dresses)? What about Shiro/Kuro Lolita (akin to what F+F pieces I am most interested in, generally)? I can’t really afford to be all of the above, but then again, with careful planning, why not? It is something to think about when drooling over all these different dresses.

Next is kinda a fun one: Neverland Cat’s Courtyard.Cats OP
Cats Highwaist JSK

I am not a huge fan of the massive screen-print patterns on some dresses. I don’t like the screen-printing on these, but otherwise I like the top part of these dresses, and the layered lace at the bottom. Also, Soufflesong has had these up for weeks now, but Clobba is just now putting them up? (•‿•) Okay.

Finally, I have to show off the name of this one.

Classical Puppets Maiden's Breasts JSK
Classical Puppet’s Maiden’s Breasts. What. It’s nice pattern with macarons and there are 3 different cuts (the high waist JSK shown here, a high waist OP, and a dolly cut which has no waist but looks crazy short on the model). Very cute, but WHY that name? (。ノω\。)゚

Actually, after some careful googling of “少女的酥胸”, you get pictures of macarons (and an alternative name of “马卡龙”, and that is macaron. Thanks google!) So I must assume that this is all kind of a disconnect between what it means in Chinese and what it means in English. This print is all about super cute macarons and sweets and ya’ll need to get your minds out of the gutter. (´・ω・`) I do too, I guess.

Next May

Not this May, but next May. May 2017. That’s when I graduate.

Man, that is scary. I’ve been in school all my life. I guess I could technically stay in school if I decide to stay in Academia. While I enjoy the freedom of academia, I don’t think I could be a primary investigator.  I don’t have the great ideas to be one. But I’m thinking industry won’t want me either. I can breed flies. What industry needs that?

I’d rather not do a post doc if I’m not staying in Academia.

I don’t know what I am going to do.

More waffles

Sometimes even I am a hypocrite.

Last month, I subscribed to Doki Doki crate for a single month, since the theme was supposed to be “Neko Atsume”, the super fun cat collecting app. I’m addicted. Everyone is. It costs $30 for a month by month basis (I had a $3 off coupon though), and that includes shipping.

Shipping was quick and it comes in a cute pink box. But I was kind of disappointed in what I actually received.

(taken from my tumblr)

There was only 1 Neko Atsume thing (a keychain), another keychain (Hoppe-chan? I guess this is popular among elementary school kids in Japan?), postcards I will only use to troll friends, a plush alpaca-like thing, a light up bird thing, a plush hamster bag (what) and a Loop de Loom craft bracelet kit with refill. Is this really worth $30? I guess I had higher expectations, so I went on their site and cancelled. Doki Doki/Japan Crate gets HUGE props for being easy to cancel, by the way.

And then I come to learn the May crate will include Hello Kitty and Sailor Moon stuff.

(╯°□°)╯︵ $$$$$$ HERE JUST TAKE MY MONEY OK?

Those are two of my weaknesses. So I resubscribed for a 3 month set. Damnit. At least I found a $5 off coupon, so that made the 3 month set a touch cheaper. I gotta wonder what the Doki Doki people think, since when I cancelled, I left a feedback about how I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money, and now I turn around and give them MORE money.

The whole subscription box thing is neat, because I love getting stuff in the mail, and I generally love surprises. I suppose that now I can give it another chance, since I kind of know what to expect.


Nevermind, my brother is NOT moving in with us, because our house is disgusting.  He will devote his time of unemployment to cleaning up my disgusting house. I can’t wait. It’s a job I cannot do on my own, due to lack of time and strength.