I am bad at titles

I don’t know how I did it when I was on Blogger and had to make a title for every post. Tumblr doesn’t require it, so I didn’t. Actually, I suppose Blogger doesn’t require it either, but it looked weird having a list of posts without titles.

I am also bad at titles in real life.  A few weeks ago, I had to submit an abstract for Stupid Poster Day (an event at my university where all the vaguely science related departments force their students to present posters. It is stupid because the Medical School gives awards for best poster, etc for the researchers from the Med School and I think Pharmacy, but alas over here in Basic Sciences, no one cares. The Med/Pharmacy students pretty much ignore us like the plague)(also because my boss thinks it is dumb so I’m glad he appreciates my nickname for the event and now I can call it that in front of him).  The last 3 years I have submitted slightly different abstracts all under the same title.

“Neat Fiji Plugin is used in a Genetic Screen for my Awesome Gene”

(that is not the real title)

This year, a day after the deadline, my boss says that it looks like my abstract was submitted twice. What, no, that can’t be. So we log onto the site where all the old abstracts are listed. 2016, 2015, 2014 is listed by each title. Luckily, he finds it kind of funny that I reused the same title.

I did have to change it for the abstract for TAGC though. This is fine, I have an actual result to show off this year, while the past 3 years it was mostly “hey I am doing a screen right now based off this preliminary experiment” “hey I did a screen and here is a nice graph but we are also repeating parts of it because reasons” “hey I did a screen and it’s actually done and I have data but I won’t have a nice poster done until summer so I hope you don’t remember what I presented last year”.

I hope next year, for my final (!!!) Stupid Poster Day, I have a completely new title.


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