Women in my program

When I joined this program,  there were 7 of us new PhDs and 5 were women.  Now all the new incoming  PhD are men. Even the past few years, it’s been mostly guys and 1 or 2 women.

At this program, there is one lab I can think of lead by a woman and has graduate students. The other women professors either work with undergraduate research solely, have no students, or don’t have a lab at all (teaching faculty or administration role now). When I started, there were 4 labs lead by women  (2 have left since then, one retired).

When I joined my lab, it was 2 women (a tech and a Masters), and 1 guy (a PhD). Now its me, an undergraduate girl about to graduate, 4 other guys (pre-med, a rotation student and 2 PhDs).

This makes it sound like it’s a real ‘boys club’ here, but there are a lot of women researchers here. Undergrads and the remaining students from my class and staff. However,  it bugs me a little that there are so few women as Primary Investigators here. Maybe it’s an isolated case, since my department is very small.

I suppose this could be reasoning for me to stick to academia. It’s complicated though, because I don’t think I would be successful in academia.


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