I am usually never able to get much done on Thursdays.

Most weeks, we have lab meeting (today I presented as a result of trickery but it ended well because I was prepared), and them sometimes I have to immediately go eat lunch with the seminar speaker. It is always Panera, and almost a professor from University of Somewhere, so I get minimal information on how to transition into industry or non-academic jobs. Last lunch I went to, the speaker even kind of chewed me out for not wanting to stay in academia because I think grant writing is hard.

It is hard. I seriously doubt I could get an NSF or NIH grant funded. All the mini grants I am able to weasel out of my university for funding may tell a different story, but the big R01 grants are a big deal.

After the lunch with the speaker (or lunch myself, which is sometimes interrupted by people asking me why their staining didn’t work or pondering something else related to their project), I get a few hours to try and do something. 3:30pm rolls around and I go to seminar early to get tea and cookies. I always take a notebook to seminar and take notes on the presentation. I kind of like having a record, and also I will fall asleep if I don’t keep busy somehow.

Today, I had two goals: collect my fly embryos and transform yeast. Both take a few hours to do for various reasons, so I ended up missing seminar altogether today to focus on yeast transformation. But I ran out of carrier DNA (stupid mistake on my part) so I didn’t get them all finished, and then I saw I was short on selective media so there are MORE yeast transformations that I will have to finish (or even redo) once I make more plates. So that was a colossal waste of energy right there, and I went home early.  ヽ(´ー`)┌  Oh well. Tomorrow I will be able to fix all the mess and make more plates and I really hope the yeast cells I grew for today’s transformations will be somewhat happy tomorrow so I can use them.




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