A dress problem – part 2

I love lolita fashion, so how can there be a dress problem?

Mostly, for my wallet, but also for my sense of utility. First, as I previously mentioned, this style of clothing can be expensive. Is it because of the quality or because of the uniqueness? Perhaps. But my sense of utility asks “When are you even going to wear this dress? Don’t you know people will look at you weird when you go out wearing this kind of outfit?” Except, of course, to anime conventions or lolita community events, where this style is expected or at least not absolutely confusing to the general public.

Therefore, whenever I see a dress that I want, can fit into AND can afford, I have to ponder if it is really worth the money spent. I could buy normal clothes instead, or skincare and cosmetics, or other anime toys, or save for a new laptop, or a million other different things.  If I ask the boyfriend if I should buy the dress, his answer is always “Yes” (because he thinks I am too frugal and need to buy nice things for myself more. He doesn’t quite see the extent of my shopping up close though….I do buy myself nice things!). If I ask my mother, she gives me the whole “isn’t lolita that pedophile thing?” spiel and proceeds to not understand.

For me to buy a lolita dress, I have to be 1000% in love with it. It helps if I have months and months to ponder over it, but Clobba Online (a site which stocks indie Chinese lolita brands from Taobao), usually gives you a deadline. And thus, I present to you my current problem.

Should I buy these dresses?

(Edit 4/20/2017 what the heck these are NOT by Angel’s Heart, but Moonlight Forest. What the heck, how did I screw that up?)

Short Sleeve OPHairbow and details
Angel’s Heart Fantasy Castle Short Sleeve OP in Light Blue

Mid-Sleeve OPHairbow

Angel’s Heart Fantasy Castle Mid-Sleeve OP in Navy Blue

Matching Cat Purse!

There is a matching CAT PURSE.

Let me list the pros and cons of these.

-Beautiful print
-They are both high waist and I am fond of high waisted designs
-Currently you pay 50% and that is about $50 so each is $100 (and the hairbows would be $11 total) so altogether it would would maybe $220 for 2 dresses with hairbows. This doesn’t include shipping.
-That matching cat purse, omg. It’s precious.
-You only live once, so I may as well have frilly cute dresses while I’m young and not 40!
-I can afford it. If I had to pay in full today, I could.
-I have enough saved up for

-when would I ever wear these?
-I have until April 12th to decide, which means I really have til April 11th. Can I really come to a decision by then?
-Cat needs to go to the vet for check up. Car needs oil change. FLEA MEDS.
-Do you really need 2 different cuts of the same print, although in 2 different colors OF BLUE?
-What if a dress comes out later this year that you love more than this? A dress that ISN’T BLUE?!

Not sure if Pro or Con:
-My other Clobba Order is supposed to ship in June. These ship in June. I should be able to combine shipping. Is that a pro or con?
-These are blue. My other F+F patterned JSKs are blue. One of the Chiffon Lover JSKs I got earlier this year is also blue. I never meant to make my lolita wardrobe focus on the color blue. Am I okay with this?

This is all very stressful, since I didn’t know these particular dresses existed until a few days ago, and I didn’t want them until I looked at them today. I need to meditate over this a bit more. I wish I had a full week to think on this.


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