A dress problem – final part

I am not buying the dresses.  T__T I even considered just getting the light blue one, but no, it is not to be.

This is a sort of punishment for last time, where I ordered two of the same print (even if it is in different fits and different colors). I should have more restraint in buying frilly lolita dresses.

Also, I spent a great deal of yesterday thinking “NO don’t buy the dress, you need to save your money”. Then I spent a great deal of today thinking “OKAY just buy the one dress in light blue and not both”. And then finally…nope. No no no.

I don’t think this will haunt me the way the ‘Lost at Sea’ Krad Lanrete dresses will forever haunt me.  I fully believe there will once again be pretty dresses in this style, and at that point, I will buy.

Such beautyT_T so pretty

By in this style, I mean dresses that kind of have a star and moon theme to them, as well as that gauze over skirt bit. Also, more varied colors would be nice. If this particular print came in light blue and then mint or purple or pink, then I would be more open to getting two of the same print in different cuts. But dark blue and light blue are both blue.

And this is the end of this particular dress problem. I am sure there will be more in the future.

UGH I need to not even look at pictures of these dresses or else my resolve will weaken. T_T I am going to go make lemon bars for lab and play games on my phone.



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