My brother is going to move in with us again.

Okay, there are a lot of missing details here. First, I have 2 brothers; one is single and the other is married. The married one is moving in with us again.  Now before you go “Omg these young kids and divorce blah blah commitment blah”, it is not like that.

My brother has been trying to get a job at his dream profession for 3 years. The job requires lots of background checks and tests and such, and the first two times around, didn’t get in. Oh well, whatever. His wife has a very well paying job doing something with software. About a month ago, she got a transfer to San Francisco.  So brother quit his current job and found a new job in SF and they got an apartment out there and were ready to move out there next week.

So of course this is the time his dream job calls him up with “Hey want a job?”. Originally, brother said “nope, we’re moving in two weeks”, but once he told his wife, she told him to call them back ASAP. So he did, and now he has his dream job as of June.

But wife is still moving to SF for a year. And brother has no job until June. He and their 2 large dogs (my dog friends) were going to move to the house he lived in before they married and rented their current house, but apparently that is no longer going to work anymore. It is also very hard to find a place to rent that is both affordable and will allow two large dogs. Dog friends are a black lab and a white lab, and they are not puppies. He is begrudgingly going to live with Mom and I for a few months while he looks for a cheap house to buy (!!?!) so when his wife returns in a year, she can move in there immediately.

There are so many complications here though. Long distance sucks, first of all, so I worry about them both. My brother and Mom don’t really get along too well lately (Mom and her issues could be another whole long post) so I worry that their relationship will further deteriorate. I am actually not a huge dog fan because they are a lot of work but also Mom is a weak little old lady and has broken bones before when one of these dogs knocked her over (dog friend didn’t mean to, he was just excited, but still…)

My main grievance is that since I am the only one of my siblings living here, I am kinda spread out across the top floor of the house. But now my brother needs a room so I have to move my stuff out of one room and all into the other. And the room I am keeping is 1/3 the size of the other room. A few years ago, I did such a good job cleaning the other room up too. :/ He said that I don’t have to move everything out, but I will need to at the very least condense it.  It would be a huge hassle to move him into the small bedroom though, so this is the best option.

It will only be for a few months, while he is unemployed and looking for a house. Also, he will pay Mom rent, which is good.  This is all just happening very quickly and it is kind of difficult to adjust to change so quickly.


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