More waffles

Sometimes even I am a hypocrite.

Last month, I subscribed to Doki Doki crate for a single month, since the theme was supposed to be “Neko Atsume”, the super fun cat collecting app. I’m addicted. Everyone is. It costs $30 for a month by month basis (I had a $3 off coupon though), and that includes shipping.

Shipping was quick and it comes in a cute pink box. But I was kind of disappointed in what I actually received.

(taken from my tumblr)

There was only 1 Neko Atsume thing (a keychain), another keychain (Hoppe-chan? I guess this is popular among elementary school kids in Japan?), postcards I will only use to troll friends, a plush alpaca-like thing, a light up bird thing, a plush hamster bag (what) and a Loop de Loom craft bracelet kit with refill. Is this really worth $30? I guess I had higher expectations, so I went on their site and cancelled. Doki Doki/Japan Crate gets HUGE props for being easy to cancel, by the way.

And then I come to learn the May crate will include Hello Kitty and Sailor Moon stuff.

(╯°□°)╯︵ $$$$$$ HERE JUST TAKE MY MONEY OK?

Those are two of my weaknesses. So I resubscribed for a 3 month set. Damnit. At least I found a $5 off coupon, so that made the 3 month set a touch cheaper. I gotta wonder what the Doki Doki people think, since when I cancelled, I left a feedback about how I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money, and now I turn around and give them MORE money.

The whole subscription box thing is neat, because I love getting stuff in the mail, and I generally love surprises. I suppose that now I can give it another chance, since I kind of know what to expect.


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