Happy 3 years…?

Apparently I registered on WordPress three years. But it wasn’t until this month when I started actually using Wordpress. I wonder what I was planning before…

Very tiring day today. The School of Graduate Studies held their Community of Scholars event, where they honor grad students who have won awards and stuff. I won a grant through them, so that’s the main reason I was there. Also, I presented a poster all afternoon. An old poster that needs some updating. But on the bright side, I am working on the new poster, and planning on how I will test out Spoonflower. Spoonflower is a fabric printing company and it is possible to print your scientific poster on fabric. No annoying poster tube on the plane? Can wear your poster as a cape? Hell yea!

I haven’t asked my boss about this little endeavor, since he’s kind of traditional. I plan on paying for said poster out of pocket. I’ll tell him that the Women’s Council paid for it (they kind will, with the money they gave me for travelling to TAGC and TAGC is why I am making a new poster at all).


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