Tuesday Bluesday

I had such plans. Go home, inspect garden, plan a post about it, work on Pusheen box post, ponder the Dokidoki box I should get tomorrow…

But no. I have nausea, probably because of a bad hamburger.  I made burgers Sunday night, 50% pork, 50% beef, like mom’s meatloaf, but not.

Sunday night?  Ok
Monday lunch? Ok
Monday night? Ok
Tuesday lunch? Slightly queasy after lunch but didn’t make the connection.  Maybe it was just dizzyness from staring in microscopes too long.
Tuesday night? Yes let’s stay in bed til I no longer feel icky.

On top of this, I kinda had a fight with Mom yesterday  (over nothing, but she overreacted in my opinion), so can’t even make her feel bad for me. Boo.

The internet says ginger/peppermint teas will help, but standing up is a bit of an issue. I have water for now.

Did the leftover meat go bad?  I used bbq sauce only today so did that go bad? Luckily this was the last one so I won’t have this issue tomorrow. 


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