Spring 2016 Pusheen Box

I actually received this last week, but I wanted to show off the goodies in a cuter manner than just the picture I posted on Instagram…

Pusheen Apron

I love love love useful items, so an apron is great! I wore it when making banana muffins this past weekend. It has comfy pockets (which are not actually separate, it is just separated at the top) and does it’s job. Yay apron. I am messy and can foresee this apron getting dirty, so I hope it washes well.

Pusheen Umbrella

I was super excited for this umbrella! It is cute! However, I cannot fit it back in the little holder sleeve it came in, and it is also kind of a pain to open up and close. I would not buy this umbrella on it’s own, but since it came in the box, I am okay with it. It would be better if it had a button to help with the opening and closing of it.

Tiny Pusheen Ceramic Planter

This might be my favorite item! It is the cutest, and gave me an excuse to buy a tiny succulent for my room. I really hope I don’t kill it…but after a few days, it’s still alive! Yay! An alternative use is as a pencil or other small object holder.

Pusheen Goodies

Not sure what to do with these pins, since I have a habit of losing pins. Also, they included a key topper, which I attached to the key chain that came in the previous Pusheen box. As you can see here, I don’t use that key chain. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ My current key chain is already overloaded, so I’m saving this for a rainy day. Or a future key chain.

Pusheen Snack Stickers

I got 3 sheets of these stickers, all the same. They’re cute, but also big. Too big for what I would normally use stickers for. But they’re cute. I will eventually find some use for them. Smaller, planner-type stickers would be better for me though.

Cat and cat cookie cutter

This box was supposed to be baking themed, so of course there is a cookie cutter. I have not made cookies with it yet, so here is Devil Kitty looking confused.

I didn’t take any nice pictures of the socks because I feel like socks are a better fall/winter item. It’s spring here, and May in the Midwest is like Summer Lite, so I want to wear socks as little as possible. And the socks included are knee socks. o_o; I probably won’t break them out til October. But rest assured, they are cute and food themed as well. If they had included ankle socks instead, then I’d be more inclined to wear them sooner.

Also did not take a picture of the vinyl figure. The Pusheen Box people seem to advertise the vinyl figure as a big deal, limited edition and etc. Um, okay. I don’t really care about having a vinyl Pusheen figure. Shelf space needs to be reserved for Nendoroids and other anime things, or plushies. Actually, a small 6 inch Pusheen plush would be 10000000x times better in a Pusheen Box compared to a vinyl figure. Someday, probably after the first year of Pusheen boxes have been released, I will line up all the figures I’ve received and have things to say about them.  But a cute themed plush would be so much more exciting to me. Plushies are my weakness. I don’t own 15+ Meowchi plushies for no reason. ♡

I am not on the yearly subscription plan, so with shipping, all this was $50. I plan on buying the Summer box and Autumn box later this year, so that will be one full year of Pusheen, and then I’ll probably reevaluate if I want to continue on. Also, I’d probably stay quarter-to-quarter since I am moving sometime next year, graduation-and-postdoc/industry-job-acquisition-willing. Anyway, I am pretty pleased with this box for now.

As for the summer box, I predict it will include a tank top or T-Shirt (the winter box had a shirt and it’s lovely), and maybe another drink cup (winter had a coffee/tea cup, akin to a large reusable Starbucks cup, which I also need to use but damnit it’s too cute and I don’t want to stain it with tea yet ughhhh). Not sure if flip flops would be a thing…maybe a beach themed tote bag would be nice. The summer box will ship in mid-July, so I’ll probably get it AFTER I get back from Orlando….it would have been the perfect time to use things….oh well.


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