May 2016 Doki Doki Crate

I was very worried that this box would get lost in the mail. It’s been the 10 days since I got a shipping confirmation, but yay it came today! Very good timing, considering lab today was freaking awful.


Unlike the April box, I am extremely pleased with this box!

May Dokidoki Box

This month’s theme is Cute Sweets Decoden, or overly decorated cute dessert items to stick on your phone or nails or pretty much anything.

Strawberry Senbei

Included were these senbei cookies. Senbei are rice crackers that are slightly sweet. These have a little bit of strawberry icing. Apparently there is a contest where you can make a fancy looking dessert with them to win fabulous prizes…or use graham crackers in case you ate all your senbei already. I only ate the broken one, but unsure if I’ll bother with the contest or not.

However, they should absolutely include a little snack in every box. I know Japan Crate is mostly snacks, but adding in just one snack into the crate every month would be amazing.

Petit Lapin

Petite Lapin is an original creation of the people behind Dokidoki box (so, Japan Crate). It is a little rabbit who loves French stuff, like macarons and eclairs and all that. I wish I got a pink one instead of blue, but this is still really cute. I hope to see more Petite Lapin goodies in the future. (is it Petit or Petite? The label says one, but the title says otherwise, and the writing in the magazine says something else….)


Here we have a super decoden themed Hoppe keychain, a cat donut keychain, and some Hoppe stickers. YESSS STICKERS. Donut cat is so precious too. I love Donut Cat. Also, now I am hungry for donuts. I wonder how girls who are super into decoden aren’t hungry for pastries ALL THE TIME?


A Hello Kitty X Doraemon Coin Purse (meh), dessert erasers that are too cute to actually use, and ice cream pens! The pens are even decent, so that’s nice, but they’d be kind of awkward to use in lab.


Here we have a Sweet Bread Compact mirror. I would call it a waffle. Also, it is squishy. A soft and squishy compact mirror! ಠ▃ಠ Wow! I just want to squish it.

Sailormoon Rement Cafe Blind Box

Knowing this was a Sailormoon-themed box (with one whole Sailormoon item…), I was a little worried it would be an item I already own. With the release of Crystal, the last few years have been abundant in Sailormoon merchandise and I now own quite a bit. Luckily, these Rement Cafe Sweets sets have never interested me, so this is not a repeat item!

It was a blind box…so which dessert platter did I get?

Tiny Jupiter Cherry Pie~

Tiny Sailor Jupiter Cherry Pie! With a tiny rose cookie and tiny tea cup and tiny green drink and tiny fork and plate and thunderbolt cookie (which I decided needs to decorate the drink). Very cute. It’s like perfectly sized for a Figma to play with, except I don’t own any Figmas.

Overall, a great great month. But man, if I had won a Suteki crate…it has Sailormoon Roomwear AND a Proplica wand AND one of the face powders in a Transformation broach. T_T Man, if there was a month for me to win a Suteki crate, it would have been this one…..oh well.

This is the first of the three boxes I have preordered, and I am very very happy with this. Can’t wait to see what comes in the next one.


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