Sunday Check-in

This week has been pretty boring, thus the lack of posts. Whoops.

Tuesday – I went to the gym, so that’s nice

Wednesday – I don’t recall anything particularly interesting. Hmm I got a neat result from one of my crosses, so that is neat.

Thursday – nothing particularly interesting. Found out I couldn’t go see boyfriend this weekend. That stinks, because next weekend I have to take Mom to the store. Weekend after that is Paradiso, and then the weekend after that is another Mom store weekend. So it will be the 4th weekend in the future where I will have a free entire weekend. :/ And of course, he cannot come visit me, oh no. Also, went to the gym again.

Friday – grumpy since I can’t go see boyfriend, but there are events in all 3 idol games I play, so I am busy. Also, trying to look up things in Orlando, like where the nearest grocery store or Target is, so I can have affordable food during the conference. It seems like a hassle to hire a taxi to go grocery shopping…but at other conferences, I’ve gotten sick after a few days of all restaurant food.

Saturday – went to lab and was happily alone. Got a few things done, and then to the gym where I was on the treadmill for 2 entire miles! That is a huge deal for me, who is pretty out of shape. u_u; Also paid bills, which is a painful experience every time…being an adult is not always so fun..

Today – put away laundry and now being lazy~ Probably more planning and pondering about things for the summer

I think this next week will be a bit stressful as well.

On Tuesday, I am meeting with the high school student I will mentor, which means I need to have something to tell her. I sort of have a plan…but I don’t have enough flies to get her started on that plan yet. Then on Wednesday, I am meeting with another professor to talk about careers, since my Boss is very sure that I will graduate next May. Which means I need a job starting next Summer. o__o;; Thursday is lab meeting/journal club, so I need to understand the paper Boss sent us to read. I read it last week, but I’m not sure if I can explain it quite yet.


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