Sunday Check-in

Wow, another week where I didn’t post. Again, a boring week.

Monday – I think it rained a lot.

Tuesday – Gym day. Also, my high school student showed up and I talked to her a little about her project.

Wednesday – Busy day with experiments, and then talked to another professor about careers. Surprise! She can’t really help me with an industry job either!  So that is a little disappointing, but I appreciate that she talked with me a bit anyway.

Thursday – lab meeting, also a lot of rain.

Friday/Saturday – went to see my boyfriend FINALLY. He’s playing Overwatch, so I tried that a little bit. I’m not very good at those types of games, but I am intrigued.

Today, my goal was to set out my coordinates for Paradiso this coming weekend. I can’t believe it is pretty much here! I have a lunch planned for the second day (they wanted us to pay ~$20 for the lunch at the art gallery and a guaranteed spot in case of rain. Ah yes I have eaten lunch at that art gallery before and the food is a big fat dose of mediocre. So I will bring lunch instead and if it rains, then I’ll go home). Anyway, the first day should be super exciting and is at an event space downtown so I am nervous about parking. Hah, of all things. However, I have all week to worry, so instead here are my planned outfits.

Enchanted Forest JSK
F+F posted an outfit of the day a few weeks back, where they had this JSK without the fluffy underskirt and a blouse and I really liked it. So I am mimicking that look a bit. However, this was when it really hit home that I am lacking in accessories. Also, I hope beige shoes are acceptable here. White or grey would probably suit it better, and I think my navy shoes would be too dark. I also only have a plain white bow headband to wear, but I will look for better hair accessories at the event. F+F actually sold hats to go with this, but I didn’t like them.

Enchanted Forest Detail

Here is a close up of the print (or at least part of it), and the necklace I’ll wear.

Chiffon Lover Blouse and Skirt
Day 2 is the same outfit I wore to the Midwest Tea Festival, but I am going to add in accessories this time. I may also change it to a light blue skirt at the last minute.

I think I’ll put my hair in pigtails, so here are some cute hair clips. The necklace and non-bow hair clips are from Tasty Peach Studios. I give them way too much of my money but I’m probably not going to change that. If I change my skirt to blue, I’ll keep the necklace but may change up the pink hair clips.

Generally purses are important parts of lolita coordinates as well. I don’t know if I’ll use the blue purse I bought for Nakakon, or the Sentimental Circus Tote Bag I bought at Nakakon. The tote would go fine with the second outfit (and have plenty of room for lunch!) but would clash with the first outfit. I have all week to think this out.

Also, if anyone calls me out about anything, I’ll just tell them that I’m still a noob and still trying to put coordinates together properly.  I don’t think that will happen though. This will be the third lolita event I’ll attend and thus far, people are nice.

Here is to a hopefully more exciting week. Also, tomorrow is Memorial Day, so happy Memorial Day.


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