Enchanted Forest JSK II: Fanplusfriend is Trying to Kill my Wallet

My first Lolita dress, my beloved Enchanted Forest JSK, just got a redesigned and it is the most perfect thing ever. It is also $222 on sale (a good crapload more than what I paid last fall) and I cannot buy it. So instead, I will cry over it on here.

Light Enchanted Forest Dress

Same print as before, but sleeves are different, underskirt is different, and there is a blouse/cloak. It also comes with a headdress, but I am too busy sobbing to notice.

Dark Enchanted Forest Dress

The dark version, which is what I would buy IF I was buying this dress, since I missed it last time. Not sure how I feel about the new straps, but I LOVE how you can pin the front up like this. The old straps were a pain, but these are probably easier to deal with.

Back View Enchanted Forest Dress

The blouse allows for flowy sleeves, as shown, or you can gather it at the wrist so it looks more blouse-like.

Light Enchanted Forest Dress with Cape

*sobbing* AND YOU CAN MAKE IT INTO A HOOD. This is the perfect fairytale themed dress! If it priced similarly to the original dress last year (so $150 when not on sale, ~$130 on sale), I would have bought it already and told my budgeting to go to hell. But no, this version is so much more expensive.

Light Enchanted Forest Dress Underskirt

Finally, the KILLER is this petticoat. I think this is a light grey version of the new Romantico Balletto petticoat. The dark dress comes with a dark grey one. If I wanted to buy the petticoat alone, I only get a choice of black or white. Also, this is $80. It is actually a tulle skirt (with the flowery decorations omg) and then a steel hoop sort of thing on the inside. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ I think I want this most of all!

If this petticoat is still around at Christmas, maybe I’ll buy it then.



Maker’s Faire

I went to Maker’s Faire with my friend yesterday.  I seriously debated whether I should try to wear lolita, but decided against it for several reasons. One, my friend doesn’t know about it. Two, it’s hot and sunny and I don’t want to get sunscreen on my dress. Three, my legs hurt a lot from going to the gym the other day so I want to wear comfy shoes. Four, I’f want to wear one of my new dresses but I am still trying to slim my chest and waist a little. So I just wore normal clothes (but the dress I did wear was cute, and it fit better than when I initially bought it a few years ago so yay!)

For the most part, I didn’t see anything super spectacular, which is similar to last year.  There were a ton of 3D printers and sponsors inside Union Station (Costco? Why does Costco have a booth? They don’t make anything except money…), and food trucks and actual makers outside in the heat.  I guess the journal seller and the one honey farm I like both had booths inside, and there were a couple others too, but they are all in the very back.

We didn’t get a pamplet so I don’t know what other events were going on. There was a robot competition, which was really cool. My old high school still has a robotics club! They did back when I was in high school, but with funding and how my high school was at the time, I was sure that it would have dissolved over time. I was super excited to see it still exists and I told them so. The teacher asked if I was interested in mentoring or learning about robots…ahhhhh I really don’t have time or the skills for that. Now if there was some kind of Biology club….(๑╹ڡ╹๑)…I’d get some nice inner city schoolkids in the lab and working on the yearly Science Fair.

A girl from my lab did a glowing larva demo, but it was hidden back in Science City and I worry that not many people got to actually see it. That is literally all I will say about that.

Outside, there were food trucks. I picked one that sold “Unboned” Chicken wings, and I though I picked a sauce that was not spicy, but it was the spiciest food I have ever eaten. I could not finish it and instead ate rice and shaved ice. I should have picked the hot dog truck, or the BBQ booth.

Overall, I had a really good time with my friend, and I’m glad I was able to go this year. Even if I stay in town, I don’t think I would go next year. Not unless there was something very new and exciting going on, or I have friends who reeeeally want to go (I went last year with some people from lab and it sucked, but it was better this year cause I was with my friend, and I only went this year because of her).


Responsible Adult Things

I am pretty good at saving money, but I am also good at spending. My boyfriend thinks I don’t spend enough money on myself, but I think I do a very good job.

As a matter of fact, a little too well of a good job. So I had to drain my holiday saving account to pay for all the fun things I have bought recently. I am very fortunate that I have the savings so I can pay for these things, because I know many do not have the luxury. And a few months ago, I had to take out my savings also to help cover things. So far this year, all the money I saved in 2016 has been spent. That’s no good, so since I have the capacity to save money every month, I want to be better about it for the rest of 2016.

I have traveling next month, but luckily have money set aside specifically for that, so I hope to not spend any extra money in Florida (I won’t be going shopping or out to eat really. Just lurking around the convention hotel.)(Not because I am trying to save up but more because I am timid and won’t be going with any other graduate students so I don’t want to adventure alone). I think I have one item pre-ordered, but I won’t order anything else.

August should be a quiet month. No big plans, just trying to hustle that committee meeting so I’ll try to not spend money on frivolous things. The end of August/beginning of September is when I’ll go to San Francisco with my friends, so that will be a bit expensive (since we’ll eat out a lot and public transport and also shopping). I also ordered something that should come in September, but that is an early birthday gift for myself. So nothing for October and November. Oh, I should get boyfriend a birthday gift in September too. December is always bad because of the holidays and that was why I had money saved up.

If I am careful with my grocery shopping and other necessities (cat food, cat medicine, clothes to replace things I wear out, bath and beauty things), then I should be able to save up a lot and maybe around Christmas I can buy myself something nice.

The reason I really need to kick this into gear is because come next May……..who knows what will happen. (눈‸눈) And if I am jobless, I will still need to pay insurance somehow.

Stupidly simple summer recipes

It is hot so I am lazy with cooking. Here are two really easy foods I like to eat in the summer.

First is salted tomatoes.  Slice up a tomato, add salt (garlic salt is very good), and then eat. I don’t know the science behind it, but adding a tiny bit of salt makes it so much juicier and sweet. Same idea applies to watermelon actually.

Second is sweet pickled cucumber. Slice up 1-2 cucumbers. Mix 1/2 cup white sugar with 1/2 cup white vinegar. Add a little chili powder if you want it to be spicy. Combine the vinegar with cucumbers and mix. Let sit in the fridge for at least 20 minutes, then eat. This is my favorite thing.

Summer and things that are not lolita

I don’t want all of my posts to just be about cute things and lolita clothes, but it appears that lately, that is all I have been posting about. So this post will be a lot of things.

First, summer is hot and I have been miserable lately. Lethargic and hungry. I don’t even feel hungry, but my stomach rumbles and growls at me. Is it the weather? Is it that I have suddenly started eating bread again and my metabolism is out of whack? I mean, for a while, I wouldn’t buy bread (I’d still eat carbohydrates every so often though…), just tortillas. I guess I have been lazier about cooking lately so I need to get back on track. It’s just that all my current recipes feel so…boring. I want to eat meat, however it is general expensive.  The past few months, it has been a lot of salad the first week after grocery store day, and then the second week is a mish-mash. I’d probably eat more salad then, however it doesn’t keep well after a week in the fridge.  Maybe on Sunday, I will do some hard core recipe searching.  I wonder if a new cooking anime will air soon; those are so inspiring.

Second,  the mysteries of science remain mysterious. It is officially less than a year from graduation. IF I can graduate on time. Next May is the goal.  I have a lot that I am working on, and it seems my boss has deemed me “good” at Yeast Two-Hybrid assays. The next thing is to test a new-ish candidate. This would require me ordering the cDNA clone and then proceeding to PCR and do various reactions to move it into yeast. But it is more complicated. First, the candidate is something we care about because an outside service did a mass Y2H screen for us, and this candidate popped out. They even told us which amino acids are predicted to bind to our super cool protein.

The cDNA clones available lack part of this binding domain. The part lacking from the binding domain IS present in one of the many isoforms of the candidate, so it’s not like the one fragment isn’t legit. So I am fretting over how to fix it, when my boss has a much simpler solution: just get the entire binding domain synthesized! Even add on the attB ends so I don’t have to do the cloning step! It only cost $200! This should speed up the process by which this candidate is tested.

And then my boss said something about how I can next test all of the mutants of the super cool gene (yup, that’s the plan, although that will be a huge undertaking…so many plates!) and also chop it up to test.

Right now, we have 6 mutants in yeast, MAYBE 7, but they are all point mutations. Two of them are currently known to be weak and pathetic, so I would definitely chop those areas out. Actually, chopping up my super cool gene would not be difficult, but it is downstream experiments I worry about more. Say I make these mutants and do Y2H, what next? If anything is good, we will want to move them to fly stocks for tissue experiments. That alone is a few months, provided you can get the mutation into a pUASt plasmid easily, the injection goes well and you collect the animals with the proper genotypes. If this is something for ME to work on before I graduate, then I need to get chopping.

If the point of chopping is to determine which part of my protein binds to various other proteins, then I can see that with Y2H and some second method to verify (like what though?!).

Third, Fan+Friend has released some dresses from their Tartarus Wall series and I want them. Look at these beauties.

Tartarus Wall Astraea JSK

The Astraea dress, with a crepe chiffon sash that can be attached or worn in different ways. Not a huge fan of the skirt print, but the print on the bodice is GORGEOUS and I love the Greek Goddess theme. This dress might be able to fit a lolita-style silhouette, but otherwise, this is not lolita.

Tartarus Wall Themis Dress

The Themis dress, with crepe chiffon sleeves and skirt piece. It is longer than the other dress, and has a slightly different cut. Same bodice and skirt prints though. Both dresses include broaches with the symbol for Libra and the word Astraea engraved.

Tartarus Wall Series

Ahhhhhhh these are so pretty though! If I was rich, I’d buy all of them, and the Artemis version, which is unreleased (it is supposed to be real silk too, so probably super pricey!). If I was serious about buying these dresses, I would get Astraea in the light blue and Themis in the purple color. Something in my head about the young virgin goddess of innocence fitting light blue and the older sagess of justice fitting a darker color. Actually, Themis is a titaness, and Astraea’s mom!

However, I can’t see these as lolita. Maybe the shorter dress could be classical lolita, but the longer dress would have to be more elegant gothic aristocrat style. I’m not exactly where one would wear these dresses to either. But they are beautiful.

Long Ears & Short Ears Mushroom Forest JSK

Since I got the shipping notification last week, I have been checking the EMS site daily. However, the last update was Friday, so I wasn’t expecting it to arrive on Monday. But then it did, so yay!

I got home and it was in a cardboard box wrapped in red polka-dot paper (tape?), so it was very safe. I had to go try everything one and look at it in person.

First, there is the lavender dress.

Mushroom Forest JSK in Lavender

It is so beautiful! The fabric is super soft and the print is so pretty in person. There is an attachable bow that you can put anywhere. The little fake lace belt ties in the front and there are fabric straps to tie in a bow at the back as well.

However, it just barely fits me. I can get it on and off, so probably a good motivator to slim down a little before I wear it out. There is shirring in the back, but no zipper. It comes in one size, but custom sizing is available, so I think next time I get dresses from Long Ears and Short Ears, I will investigate that. I seriously don’t think I can fit a blouse under this dress. It has a built in petticoat but I plan on wearing another one with it anyway.

Mushroom Forest JSK in Lavender

The straps are adjustable, so that may or may not help with wearing this dress. Actually, it might be more helpful in taking the dress off, but I have a little bit of practice with that now.

Also, a big selling point of this dress is that it has POCKETS. And not just little sad pockets, but pockets you can fit a smartphone into. ಠ◡ಠ I am just thrilled at such an idea. Of course, the pockets are not super reinforced or anything, but they exist and that is beautiful.

Mushroom Forest JSK in Chocolate

The same cut of dress in Chocolate. I KNOW I AM SILLY. But wow this is also so beautiful. I regret NOTHING. Like the Lavender dress, I can fit into it barely (it’s really my chest that is the main problem), but I can get in and out and hopefully I can at least sneak a thin blouse under it.

Mushroom Forest Accessories

Here are the accessories I ordered, along with the bows that come with the dress. For both dresses, I got the little bow hair clips. Other options were more bunny ears-like or had an abundance of pom-poms, so I decided on just these. I really like the little charms on them!

Mushroom Forest Accessories

If you look closely, it’s a little cat with an S (for Sharp Ears!) and a little bunny with an L (for Long Ears). 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) That is adorable. I love this so much.

Was that all? Nope, there was a set of bloomers available also, so I decided to buy those as well. I don’t have any other bloomers so I though it would be a good addition to my wardrobe.


Alas, they don’t fit. (。ノω\。)゚

I take that back. They do fit. I can put them on and take them off and sit down in them. But they do not fit comfortably. I would have to lose a great deal of mass around my rear and hips for them to be comfortable.  The elastic for the waist and the thighs are completely stretched when I wear them and they are 100% cotton, which means they are probably going to shrink.

At this point, I’m not sure if I am going to re-purpose them into something else (the ruffles and lace on them are so darling) or just try to get rid of them at a swap meet (never been to one, and I’m super nice so I’d probably end up just giving them away……).

As a brand, I am super happy with the quality from Long Ears and Short Ears. However, I definitely should pay closer attention to the sizing next time, and “one size fits all” is most likely NOT a good idea for me.

This was my first complete experience using Clobba Online to buy lolita clothes. I actually made a different order earlier but it’s not due to ship til late June. I had a great experience using Clobba, and definitely plan on using them again when there is something else I want/I have more funds. Everything worked out super smoothly.