Paradiso is in 2 days!!! (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)

I’m so nervous.  I did pull the blue skirt and picked out some accessories  (hah) to go with it so I can decide Saturday what I want to do.

Also, I paid the second half of my Long Ears & Short Ears order today, so those dresses will come sometime next week. It’s a shame they couldn’t come sooner for Paradiso/International Lolita Day, but that’s alright. I want to go to Maker Faire later this month so maybe I can wear it there.😁

This is late, but remember how I had a problem in lab where I had 2 supposedly identical plasmids transformed into yeast for Y2H but one would grow properly and the other would not? I solved that mystery! I’ll write it up when I get home, but it’s a great story of mystery and stuff.


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