Paradiso 2016 – Friday

I survived Paradiso! It was a fun event, however very stressful for me since I didn’t know anyone going in.

Here are coordinate pictures from the first day, minus my face. It was hot so I just had my hair up with some hairclips, so not very cute or lolita-ish.

Enchanted Forest JSK1Enchanted Forest JSK2

I received plenty of complements, which is so nice, but there were seriously SO many better coordinates present. They were so beautiful. It makes me want to work harder and make better coordinates myself.

I arrived early on the first day to ensure I got good parking. The facebook page said to find street parking in the area, but those are all 2 hour only and meters. For a ~6 hour event. There was a pay lot nearby, so I used that. Not too bad though.  Check-in was super easy, but it was an hour between check-in began and when VIPs were let in. I guess that is to better accommodate people who aren’t paranoid about getting there super early (like me). We had a decent place to sit in the shade, and it was a good opportunity to meet people.

Like mentioned, VIPs were allowed in at noon, and general admission at 12:30pm. I was a VIP because I was tempted by that sweet sweet goodie bag, so at noon, I got to go in and start shopping. The market was actually very small, with 10 vendors. Actually, that’s not awful considering there were around 60 attendees. Lolita Collective was there, and Soufflesong (!!), as well as a consignment shop. I got to see Krad Lanrete’s Lost at Sea print in person and that makes me super happy. I didn’t bother seeing if I could fit it (I can’t) or what the price was (too much for what I was prepared to spend today, I’m sure). I bought some stuff from the Lolita Collective and also Maiden Loliland, which is a new store.

Veil and Wristcuffs

A veil headdress and lace wristcuffs from Maiden Loliland. Also, the eyelashes from the goodie bag!


Two mini blouses from the Lolita Collective (they were $12 each so a great deal! Also I noticed a ton of people bought them also. On Saturday it was a bit of a running joke that so many people had the same blouse) and a gold sparkly wand from the goodie bag. One of the girls at my tablet suggested we all make coordinates based on it for next year.

Not pictured are the Pocky I bought.

There was a fashion show for Soufflesong and also Archangel Dollhaus, which is a Kansas City area shop that is supposed to open this fall. After the fashion show, tea was served. Actually, the food had been set out since noon, and the water for the tea at this point was lukewarm. The microbiologist in my head was also concerned about food safety, but it was all fresh fruits and veggies, some desserts, and tomato and cheese sandwiches that are probably safe at room temperature. As far as I know, no one got sick.


Tiny sandwiches and veggies.


Tiny brownie and Mille-feuille/Napoleon and fruits.

After food, Cadney did a Q&A. Cadney is a Toronto-based Lolita who was a Kawaii Ambassador for a while (but no longer). Living under a rock as I have been, I hadn’t heard of her before, but she is super nice and I’m now following her instagram. °✧∩(◎ヮ◎∩)✧ There was a raffle, and my table was super lucky and won tons of stuff.

After the raffle, it was time to shop more and chat, until 4pm. 4pm was the official kick-out time, so I went home. However, other people participated in the First Friday’s Harajuku Walk afterwards, and then I think there was an after party. I’m probably not cool enough for an after party ヽ(´ー`)┌ and I was already exhausted when I left so I’d probably just be cranky.

Actually….I got lost on the way home, since I heard Main had a part shut down for construction so I was going to take Broadway but it was actually Broadway that was shut down….oops.

I had a really great time on Friday, and I made some friends so I was really excited for Saturday (which is the next post)


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