Paradiso 2016 – Saturday

I almost overslept Saturday morning, but Devil Kitty made sure I woke up. So here is the coordinate for International Lolita Day!

Chiffon Lover outfitChiffon Lover2

In retrospect, I should have saved Friday’s outfit for Saturday and worn this on Friday instead…but then again we had a picnic and white tights would have gotten dirty…At least this outfit is super comfortable, and pretty much a blue version of what I wore to the Midwest Tea Festival.  I did remember a parasol today…but my parasol didn’t match my outfit. (。ノω\。)゚ I hope no one was too offended by this…I promise I am going to acquire a black parasol in the future!

Anyway, drive to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum and pay for parking (it’s $8 now…last time I went it was only $5) and meet up with everyone. There were two art tours- Decorative Arts (like decorative furniture) and Art in Bloom (flowers!). There was originally supposed to be a Chinese Collection tour, but I guess it was cancelled. However, during the Art in Bloom tour, we went to see some of the Chinese and Japanese scrolls anyway.  I love the Nelson-Atkins and have been there several times, but it’s always nice to go on tours and have new things pointed out to you.

Afterwards, we had a picnic in the park. It seems most people had prepaid lunches, but I brought my own lunch (it wasn’t even cute…just peanut butter and jelly). Others brought their own too, and one group had a super cute heart shaped picnic basket. @A@ That is so cute!!! The picnic was a ton of fun and I enjoyed it. I ended up leaving a little early since I was feeling a little sick from the heat though (and it wasn’t even that hot…and we were in the shade…I think I just can’t be outside for hours and hours at a time these days). I wasn’t able to say goodbye to everyone I’d made friends with since they were all socializing with others, so I hope they don’t think I’m rude. (╯︵╰,) I’m sorry lolita friends!

Overall, this was an amazing experience. I hope there will be something again in December for the winter International Lolita Day (Nakakon has a re-kon thing in the summer after, so maybe a Re-Paradiso? Hah..). If not, then I’ll probably just see people again at next year’s Nakakon Tea Party. If I am still living in this area this time next year, then I would totally go to Paradiso again. Not sure if I would be a VIP next year, but I would happily attend.

After all of this, I am super exhausted. But it was great.


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