June 2016 DokiDoki Crate

I got the shipment notification yesterday, so I was expecting my Dokidoki Crate to be super late like last time. I was very surprised that it arrived today. I heard somewhere that this month’s theme is Harajuku Fashion. Harajuku Fashion can be a looot of things, so I was expecting the weird crazy fashion, and gladly, they specify it as  Decora Kei, or “decoration style”. Not my cup of tea but maybe I’ll be impressed.

June Dokidoki Crate

I love the little booklets that come with the crates. I am keeping them all.

many goodies wow

Lots of little things…I didn’t take further pictures of the handkerchief or Mayo Puri zipper pull and stickers. The handkerchief will be super useful at some point. Mayo Puri is some mayonnaise-themed character. Oh Japan, I wish I could say something, but we have Spongebob so whatever.

Take-Omo Take Plush

Take-Omo is new in the Japan Crate plushie line, now joining Petit Lapin. Take and Omo are puppies who are into decora fashion. They are a brother and sister who love decora fashion. They are named for streets in fashion districts in Japan, Takeshita Dori and Omotesando. I got Take, but man I wish I had gotten Omo. Oh well.

Hoppechan plushie and keychain

More Hoppechan! Not just a lil keychain, but a whole plushie too. THAT’S RIGHT THERE ARE TWO MINI PLUSHIES THIS MONTH. If there is a way to win my heart, that’s it. However, I am now amassing a small collection of small plushies…too small to cuddle but too precious to risk attaching to a bag, and too large for a keychain.

misc Harajuku accessories

That damn eyeball hairbow (Thanks Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) and other miscellaneous decora accessories. A cord bracelet (or hair tie? good god that would be a mess in my hair, noooope), a zipper bracelet, a panda button, and a cute lil scrunchie. For the most part, these are all…useless to me. Fairy Kei or Mori or Lolita themed things would be 1000x better in my opinion.

Vocaloid Lanyard

A somewhat random Miku Hatsune lanyard. Hey, this will maybe come in handy for Nakakon next year? However, the moment I put it down to take a picture, Devil Kitty decided she needed to eat it.

Sparkly Snoopy

Finally, there was a Snoopy Blindbox figure, and I got this sparkly abomination.  According to the box, there is a 1/60 chance of getting this one. But why. WHY. I don’t know what to do with this thing. :/

Content wise, I am not impressed, but also I was not expecting much. Delivery wise, holy crap this month is a huge improvement. Snack wise…there were no surprise snacks.

Next month is my last Dokidoki Box for the moment. At the moment, 1/3 boxes was fabulous and 2/3 have been underwhelming. At this point, I will probably not resubscribe. Not until I have a more disposable income in the future. I really do like getting these in the mail, but $30 a month (or less if you pay upfront or coupons or a mixture of both) is a lot for a bunch of stuff that is either useless, cute but I don’t need more random plushies, or occasionally useful.


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