pick two

-free of cigarette smoke
-comfortably air conditioned

In my house, when it comes to picking a place to be in, I must pick two of these options.

My bedroom is free of cigarette smoke, and is nice and quiet, but hot as HELL. There are 2 fans, several open windows, but since it is in the southwest corner of the house, it is a sauna.

The spare bedroom has air conditioning (not as good as downstairs), but it is LOUD so I cannot sleep. I can live in there during the day though, and so my computer and video games and skincare products are all in this room.

Finally, we have the main floor of my house, which is so nice and cool, and so quiet. It would be perfect…except Mom lives on that floor and she is a chain smoker. I was just thinking about it a few minutes ago and I don’t think I ever see her without a lit cigarette unless she is eating, or not in the house. UGH it is so disgusting. I’ve grown up with this, but I am still very sensitive to smoke.

I cannot wait until I have a real job and can move out, to a house with all the rooms air conditioned! And no smoking allowed!





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