Long Ears & Short Ears Mushroom Forest JSK

Since I got the shipping notification last week, I have been checking the EMS site daily. However, the last update was Friday, so I wasn’t expecting it to arrive on Monday. But then it did, so yay!

I got home and it was in a cardboard box wrapped in red polka-dot paper (tape?), so it was very safe. I had to go try everything one and look at it in person.

First, there is the lavender dress.

Mushroom Forest JSK in Lavender

It is so beautiful! The fabric is super soft and the print is so pretty in person. There is an attachable bow that you can put anywhere. The little fake lace belt ties in the front and there are fabric straps to tie in a bow at the back as well.

However, it just barely fits me. I can get it on and off, so probably a good motivator to slim down a little before I wear it out. There is shirring in the back, but no zipper. It comes in one size, but custom sizing is available, so I think next time I get dresses from Long Ears and Short Ears, I will investigate that. I seriously don’t think I can fit a blouse under this dress. It has a built in petticoat but I plan on wearing another one with it anyway.

Mushroom Forest JSK in Lavender

The straps are adjustable, so that may or may not help with wearing this dress. Actually, it might be more helpful in taking the dress off, but I have a little bit of practice with that now.

Also, a big selling point of this dress is that it has POCKETS. And not just little sad pockets, but pockets you can fit a smartphone into. ಠ◡ಠ I am just thrilled at such an idea. Of course, the pockets are not super reinforced or anything, but they exist and that is beautiful.

Mushroom Forest JSK in Chocolate

The same cut of dress in Chocolate. I KNOW I AM SILLY. But wow this is also so beautiful. I regret NOTHING. Like the Lavender dress, I can fit into it barely (it’s really my chest that is the main problem), but I can get in and out and hopefully I can at least sneak a thin blouse under it.

Mushroom Forest Accessories

Here are the accessories I ordered, along with the bows that come with the dress. For both dresses, I got the little bow hair clips. Other options were more bunny ears-like or had an abundance of pom-poms, so I decided on just these. I really like the little charms on them!

Mushroom Forest Accessories

If you look closely, it’s a little cat with an S (for Sharp Ears!) and a little bunny with an L (for Long Ears). 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) That is adorable. I love this so much.

Was that all? Nope, there was a set of bloomers available also, so I decided to buy those as well. I don’t have any other bloomers so I though it would be a good addition to my wardrobe.


Alas, they don’t fit. (。ノω\。)゚

I take that back. They do fit. I can put them on and take them off and sit down in them. But they do not fit comfortably. I would have to lose a great deal of mass around my rear and hips for them to be comfortable.  The elastic for the waist and the thighs are completely stretched when I wear them and they are 100% cotton, which means they are probably going to shrink.

At this point, I’m not sure if I am going to re-purpose them into something else (the ruffles and lace on them are so darling) or just try to get rid of them at a swap meet (never been to one, and I’m super nice so I’d probably end up just giving them away……).

As a brand, I am super happy with the quality from Long Ears and Short Ears. However, I definitely should pay closer attention to the sizing next time, and “one size fits all” is most likely NOT a good idea for me.

This was my first complete experience using Clobba Online to buy lolita clothes. I actually made a different order earlier but it’s not due to ship til late June. I had a great experience using Clobba, and definitely plan on using them again when there is something else I want/I have more funds. Everything worked out super smoothly.


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