Responsible Adult Things

I am pretty good at saving money, but I am also good at spending. My boyfriend thinks I don’t spend enough money on myself, but I think I do a very good job.

As a matter of fact, a little too well of a good job. So I had to drain my holiday saving account to pay for all the fun things I have bought recently. I am very fortunate that I have the savings so I can pay for these things, because I know many do not have the luxury. And a few months ago, I had to take out my savings also to help cover things. So far this year, all the money I saved in 2016 has been spent. That’s no good, so since I have the capacity to save money every month, I want to be better about it for the rest of 2016.

I have traveling next month, but luckily have money set aside specifically for that, so I hope to not spend any extra money in Florida (I won’t be going shopping or out to eat really. Just lurking around the convention hotel.)(Not because I am trying to save up but more because I am timid and won’t be going with any other graduate students so I don’t want to adventure alone). I think I have one item pre-ordered, but I won’t order anything else.

August should be a quiet month. No big plans, just trying to hustle that committee meeting so I’ll try to not spend money on frivolous things. The end of August/beginning of September is when I’ll go to San Francisco with my friends, so that will be a bit expensive (since we’ll eat out a lot and public transport and also shopping). I also ordered something that should come in September, but that is an early birthday gift for myself. So nothing for October and November. Oh, I should get boyfriend a birthday gift in September too. December is always bad because of the holidays and that was why I had money saved up.

If I am careful with my grocery shopping and other necessities (cat food, cat medicine, clothes to replace things I wear out, bath and beauty things), then I should be able to save up a lot and maybe around Christmas I can buy myself something nice.

The reason I really need to kick this into gear is because come next May……..who knows what will happen. (눈‸눈) And if I am jobless, I will still need to pay insurance somehow.


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