Enchanted Forest JSK II: Fanplusfriend is Trying to Kill my Wallet

My first Lolita dress, my beloved Enchanted Forest JSK, just got a redesigned and it is the most perfect thing ever. It is also $222 on sale (a good crapload more than what I paid last fall) and I cannot buy it. So instead, I will cry over it on here.

Light Enchanted Forest Dress

Same print as before, but sleeves are different, underskirt is different, and there is a blouse/cloak. It also comes with a headdress, but I am too busy sobbing to notice.

Dark Enchanted Forest Dress

The dark version, which is what I would buy IF I was buying this dress, since I missed it last time. Not sure how I feel about the new straps, but I LOVE how you can pin the front up like this. The old straps were a pain, but these are probably easier to deal with.

Back View Enchanted Forest Dress

The blouse allows for flowy sleeves, as shown, or you can gather it at the wrist so it looks more blouse-like.

Light Enchanted Forest Dress with Cape

*sobbing* AND YOU CAN MAKE IT INTO A HOOD. This is the perfect fairytale themed dress! If it priced similarly to the original dress last year (so $150 when not on sale, ~$130 on sale), I would have bought it already and told my budgeting to go to hell. But no, this version is so much more expensive.

Light Enchanted Forest Dress Underskirt

Finally, the KILLER is this petticoat. I think this is a light grey version of the new Romantico Balletto petticoat. The dark dress comes with a dark grey one. If I wanted to buy the petticoat alone, I only get a choice of black or white. Also, this is $80. It is actually a tulle skirt (with the flowery decorations omg) and then a steel hoop sort of thing on the inside. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ I think I want this most of all!

If this petticoat is still around at Christmas, maybe I’ll buy it then.



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