Maker’s Faire

I went to Maker’s Faire with my friend yesterday.  I seriously debated whether I should try to wear lolita, but decided against it for several reasons. One, my friend doesn’t know about it. Two, it’s hot and sunny and I don’t want to get sunscreen on my dress. Three, my legs hurt a lot from going to the gym the other day so I want to wear comfy shoes. Four, I’f want to wear one of my new dresses but I am still trying to slim my chest and waist a little. So I just wore normal clothes (but the dress I did wear was cute, and it fit better than when I initially bought it a few years ago so yay!)

For the most part, I didn’t see anything super spectacular, which is similar to last year.  There were a ton of 3D printers and sponsors inside Union Station (Costco? Why does Costco have a booth? They don’t make anything except money…), and food trucks and actual makers outside in the heat.  I guess the journal seller and the one honey farm I like both had booths inside, and there were a couple others too, but they are all in the very back.

We didn’t get a pamplet so I don’t know what other events were going on. There was a robot competition, which was really cool. My old high school still has a robotics club! They did back when I was in high school, but with funding and how my high school was at the time, I was sure that it would have dissolved over time. I was super excited to see it still exists and I told them so. The teacher asked if I was interested in mentoring or learning about robots…ahhhhh I really don’t have time or the skills for that. Now if there was some kind of Biology club….(๑╹ڡ╹๑)…I’d get some nice inner city schoolkids in the lab and working on the yearly Science Fair.

A girl from my lab did a glowing larva demo, but it was hidden back in Science City and I worry that not many people got to actually see it. That is literally all I will say about that.

Outside, there were food trucks. I picked one that sold “Unboned” Chicken wings, and I though I picked a sauce that was not spicy, but it was the spiciest food I have ever eaten. I could not finish it and instead ate rice and shaved ice. I should have picked the hot dog truck, or the BBQ booth.

Overall, I had a really good time with my friend, and I’m glad I was able to go this year. Even if I stay in town, I don’t think I would go next year. Not unless there was something very new and exciting going on, or I have friends who reeeeally want to go (I went last year with some people from lab and it sucked, but it was better this year cause I was with my friend, and I only went this year because of her).



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