Happy Independence Day! My family doesn’t really celebrate it anymore (that is a long story), but I got to see the boyfriend and his family this past weekend for their Independence Day celebrations.

I took a half day of work (technically, I didn’t have to go in at all, but I wanted to set up a few things), and then came home to throw away junk. I found out that this week is Trash Amnesty week for my city, so we are allowed to put out up to 15 bags (instead of the usual 2). A great opportunity to get rid of some junk!

I have heard about this technique called “Konmari” where you only keep the things that bring you joy, but I don’t feel like reading the book or going through all of my stuff. However, in the spirit of that, I tossed a bunch of pairs of jeans that were ragged. Seriously, either the knees had been patched at least once or the hole was too big to patch, or I had given up and turned the pair into some cut-offs. However, the cut-offs look ragged too, and I haven’t worn them in years (recently, I suffer with full jeans, or wear a skirt instead), so to the trash.

Then I went through my pajamas. There was one thing I read online from a decluttering forum was that they said that if your clothes have a permanent stain or holes, be gone with it. Good advice.  I have several shirts that have holes just from being so old. So I threw out pajamas that were hole-y, and I will re-purpose daily wear shirts with holes as either pajamas (if it’s not too bad) or something else.  However, this all kinda stinks a little because most of my daily wear clothes is just whatever from Target. The stuff I am just now throwing out is so nice (long shirts that don’t have a low neckline) and I can’t find the same styles again. Also, I worry the newer items are thinner material and less hardy (meaning I would have to replace sooner).

There were also some miscellaneous things I got rid of. Two purses I bought off GMarket years ago that fell apart, some expired witch hazel, a book that was water damaged from a few years ago, a really gross homemade lace skirt disaster that I made a long time ago in college.

The big thing I want to declutter is all my old notebooks. I still have a ton of notes from my undergrad classes, which I no longer need. Also, my first year graduate class notes, which again, I don’t use. I have the textbooks. There are also tons of notebooks from high school and earlier for stories and ideas I had but never did anything with.  I can probably recycle a great deal of this stuff. But throwing out old notebooks is the hardest thing to do. So I plan on working on that throughout the rest of the week until trash day.


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