July 2016 Doki Doki Crate

My final (for now…) Doki Doki Crate! I mentioned a few posts ago that I cancelled anyway, so honestly, this crate could have been really good or bad and it would not have mattered.  This month’s theme is Summer Festivals.

oh yea doki doki sunshine!

Once again, the art on the booklet cover is super cute.

oh yea doki doki sunshine!

Overview of all the items. Meh. I am overcome with feelings of meh, and is that yet ANOTHER new exclusive character? It seems like ever since there was a kerfluffle a few months ago about getting fake name-brand plushies, they have only sent us exclusive original character plushies. Actually, this is probably better, but dangit I wanna see more of Petit Lapin! Petit Lapin was my favorite!

Only thing I forgot to individually photograph is the little packet of Hoppechan tattoo stickers. Oops.

oh yea doki doki fish time!

Kingyou to Remon…goldfish and lemon. How descriptive. We have a duo of a goldfish who looks like an orange, Kiko, and a sentient depressed lemon with a gender who looks like a fish, Wawa. Ah ok then, clearly a second fish that resembles fruit was going too far so we need a fruit that resembles a fish. I’m just glad I got Kiko and not a plush lemon.

oh yea doki doki whatevers!

Miscellaneous cute bits! A “bonus” ice cream keychain, the monthly Hoppe-chan, a Gudetama kitchen clip, a watermelon hairband, and a tiny omamori amulet. Actually, the amulet is super cute and detailed with embroidery of previous Dokidoki Crate characters like Hoppe (is Hoppe a Dokidoki character?), Petit Lapinnnn, and the weird Harajuku twins from last time.

oh yea doki doki doki doks!

More detail of the Gudetama clip…it’s magnetic! It now live on my fridge to scare my Mom! Also, there was a tiny frog included with the omomori charm…a good luck frog. It’s tiny and now lives inside the charm.

The special item this month was a Tsumtsum Wink Blind Box. I don’t care about Disney Tsumtsums, so whatever. I got the 3-eyed alien from Toy Story, but it’s winking with 2 of it’s 3 eyes. Would a 1 eye wink not be winky enough? I guess it’s better than sparkle Snoopy.

oh yea toki doki memorial!

They included a paper fan, printed with our Dokidoki friends, and a matching handkerchief. The handkerchief is the same material as last time, so feels like a terry towel and I dunno how useful it would be. Both now live in my school bag just in case. The fan is a cheap paper fan, but considering my house is ONLY partially air conditioned, I won’t turn up my nose at this.

its a towel and I'm done with secret puns!

They also included a larger towel! Well, not as large as a standard bath towel, but longer/narrower than a standard face towel. It’s a weird shape. I’ll stick it in a random bag for day trips. Also, the design is weird- I clearly got Korilakkuma here, so why does it just say Rilakkuma? Is this also a sketchy item of questionable origin?

nioo nico NOPE

Finally, because summer, they included a tenugui, which is a thin linen towel that is used more traditionally in Japan. It’s all lovely…except wtf why would they have Japan written on it? That is super cringeworthy to me so I cannot use this around other people. Imagine the conversation.

Person: *sees Japan towel* Oh did you get that in Japan?

Me: Nah it’s from a subscription box lol

Delete the words and I’m sure it’s okay.

Overall, I am both pleased and disappointed in this box. I feel like there are the most useful items this month (all the damn towels, the clip, the fan, hairband) but the theme of Summer Festival is really boring to me. Today is Tanabata, which is one of the summer festivals, but they don’t talk about it at all in the booklet. That would have been easy!

After going through this box, I am kinda glad I cancelled my subscription. I am just super unimpressed with Doki Doki Crate. If I had a ton of money to throw around on things that are usually meh (with the occasional wow!), I would resubscribe. But for now, it’s not worth the money. ESPECIALLY since I am trying to save up. Other than content, Doki Doki Crate (and I guess Japan Crate) have great customer service and cancelling is super easy, and I got this box within a few days of receiving the tracking email.

There are a few other subscription boxes I am interested in. YumeTwins is about $30 a month, so not cheaper than Dokidoki. It also seems to focus on “dreamy” kawaii, so that’s up my alley. KawaiiBox has cute Japanese and Korean goodies, and is only $20 a month. Nandemo Box is $35 a month (more expensive!), but that includes shipping and is based out of Japan. There are also various snack boxes and beauty boxes I like to dream about buying but I think for now I should limit myself to Kawaii-themed boxes.

Once I have a lot more money saved up, I will give those others a shot. Heck, maybe I’ll try to do a mega subscription review someday where I order from all 4 of them for a month. Maybe for Christmas or something.




2 thoughts on “July 2016 Doki Doki Crate

  1. Jasmyn says:

    Thank you for the review of July’s Doki Doki box! I purchased this box as well and found your blog while searching to see what others thought. I didn’t realize the a lucky frog was behind the omamori until I read your review.

    I am super jealous that you got the Alien tsum tsum, though. That’s the one my son wanted, and we got Woody

    I’ve also canceled my subscription; it wasn’t what I had expected. Thank you for sharing the other subscription box sites. I’ve got to check them out! I’ll keep reading your blog to see if you try any of them as well.

    Thanks for the wonderful & thorough review!


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