Orlando Trip pre-packing adventures

On Wednesday, I am flying down to Orlando for The Allied Genetics Conference. (TAGC, get it? ha ha ha nope)

I love going to conferences, because it is usually a mini-vacation (even though I intend to be all serious business and involved with the conference and not screw off to sight-see…like the last Fly Meeting I went to).  I am extremely grateful to be able to travel and have it paid for by the school (well, funding I applied for from the school, so it’s not like I got free money with no work put into it).

However, conferences are also very stressful to deal with, because I have to drive to the airport, then fly in a plane, get a connection at a DIFFERENT airport, finally get to another different airport and hope my transportation will get me to the hotel, and then there is all the stress of figuring out food. This is all before the actual conference attending happens. This weekend, I plan on getting most of my packing done.

I did a Target run to pick up things I might need, like sunscreen. Whenever I have mentioned to someone in the past months that I am going to Florida, they immediately tell me how I need lots and lots of sunscreen. I already have a lot of sunscreen, but my favorite has been a spray-on type that I don’t think I could take on a plane (even in a checked bag), so I bought a lotion-type. It smells like bananas! I usually hate sunscreen because it’s so oily and thick feeling, and the spray-on kind is less oily and thick (still not ideal though), but the new stuff seems to be okay.

Also searched for a travel size of some kind of cleansing oil. Etude House (a Korean brand) makes my current favorite, but decanting into a new container is a huge mess. I though maybe Garnier had a travel size, but nope (shame, since that is the one domestic cleansing oil I like). Burt’s Bees makes one, AND I found it in tiny 29.5ml bottles, so I bought 4.

Woe, I say. First, the bottles are kinda hard to get oil out of. Second, I tested it on some eyeliner I drew on my hand and it is NOT good at removing eyeliner. Ugh. I did buy some makeup wipes I usually use, and invested in Garnier’s micellar water so I’ll take those along too. Actually, I tested the micellar water and it seems to remove eye makeup pretty well! At least the oil cleanser will be a good general face wash…but wait I already got a face wash…ahh I guess I’ll double cleanse a lot.

I also bought a tiny bottle of Cetaphil face wash, some tiny OGX shampoo and conditioner, and gummy vitamins. I’d use Cetaphil all the time except I need to use up my current face washes first. OGX is generally too expensive (and the bottles are too small) to use regularly but I am excited to use the little sample sizes. I wasn’t planning on taking vitamins with me but travel containers for gummy vitamins is a great idea. Gummy vitamins in general are a great idea. I think the only reason I take vitamins as regularly as I do is because they’re gummy.

Anyway, there is still much to pack.

-4 outfits (plus whatever I wear on the plane Wednesday)
-swimsuit and flipflops! I can’t go to a fancy hotel with a pool and NOT swim!
-2 shoes (comfy gym shoes and also nicer shoes)
-clothes for gym (there is supposed to be a workout center so I should go run, right?)
-sunscreen (for face and body)
-a bag to carry notebooks and daily things in while at the meeting
-notebooks and pens (maybe one for career-oriented topics and one for research-oriented topics)
-makeup remover, face wash
-toner, face lotion, face cream, sheet masks
-shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion?
-plush friend
-electronics and their chargers
-portable charger (pre-charged)
-emergency tea and chocolate (▰˘◡˘▰)’
-vitamins, medicine, etc
-POSTER (I got my Spoonflower cloth poster the other day and it is amazing and I am not sure if my Boss has noticed yet but he hasn’t said anything so I don’t know)

I’m sure I will add more things to the list, but it helps to have a list to start with.


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