Angelic Pretty Aquarium Carnival Special OP Set

My package arrived Monday. Ordered Friday and this is what 2 day USPS shipping gets you. Awesome. So I rush home and open my pretty treasure. On the invoice, they hand-wrote “Thank you!” which is always a lovely touch.

Here we are, my first ever brand…(*≧▽≦)

AP Aquarium Carnival Special OP

It’s so cute! The fabric is nice and soft and seeing the print up close, I am very happy. The back is fully shirred so I am sure I’ll be able to wear this. I didn’t try it on yet. Looking at the bodice, I like how it is not too complicated. There is a bit of lace on the front, but nothing super fancy.

AP Aquarium Carnival

The front now. Cut off in this pic is the ends of the box, which have little pearl drops.

AP Aquarium Carnival

Sassy pink dolphin on this print is amazing. Maybe it’s really purple. Whatever. This is the best thing.

AP Aquarium Carnival Headbow

The lace has SEASHELLS. SEASHELLS FOR AN AQUARIUM PRINT. This kind of detail is amazing.

AP Aquarium Carnival

The headbow is darling. No seashell lace but starfish lace, and little pearl details.

When I do get around to wearing this, I’ll update on fit, but right now, I am extremely impressed with the whole situation. I will definitely keep an eye out for future special sets (Cat Princess and Romantic Little Garden are two current prints that I kind of like) because this seems like an affordable way to acquire Angelic Pretty dresses. In the future, I do want to buy prints when they are released, but I need a real job for that.


Committee Meeting and such

It was 2pm when the AP Sets went up. There were 4 sets (the 3 listed plus a 4th which I had no interest in). Immediately bought mine, and then checked the site to see how fast other stuff sold out.

I think the Holy Theater set is the only thing left as of this morning.  Good to know for future Special Sets I want to buy….do it ASAP.

Anyway, my committee meeting was an hour later. They are curious about the biological relevance of the interaction between my 2 favorite proteins (honestly, that’s a good point). Also, they want me to focus.

I did a genetic screen a few years ago to find new interactors for my beloved favorite gene. Out of the 500 genes I tested, there was one that caused a weird phenotype when expressed alone, and when co-misexpressed with my BFF gene, the phenotype of the new gene  (plus the BFFs phenotype) are suppressed. This is exactly what we wanted to see. There was also another gene that came out, plus a third gene from a different screen.

So I’ve been working on 3 different interactions, trying to show that at least one is bona-fide. I like having a lot of options, but I’m also spread thin. If I’m going to publish a paper on this, I need to focus.

So I have a lot to do. But my AP dress has already shipped! Chances are, it’ll get here while I’m in San Francisco…and that is where it is shipping from. Lol whoops.

They also want me to write up a little report with actual hypotheses. Legit concern, since after the screen, my working hypothesis in my head has been “what happens if I do X?” and that’s really not a proper hypothesis.

Angelic Pretty vs My Wallet

Today I had lab meeting. Good news is, my boss thinks I can graduate next June (not May…), and that I have a lot of good data. Bad news…I really need to repeat all of it to be able to see the subtle phenotypes we are hoping are present. Actually, that’s not that bad. The real bad news is my parking permit expires May 31st so I’ll have to buy a summer one.

I was lazing around, not practicing for my real committee meeting tomorrow, when I happened across this on Facebook.

OH MY GOD. Special sets. Jewel Marine is ¥10800/~$108, Aquarium Carnival is  ¥10800~$108 and Holy Theater is  ¥12980/$130 (all with head accessory). The Angelic Pretty USA store hasn’t put up listings or prices in USD yet. Also, the picture said MORE special sets? Other than these?!?! According to Lolibrary, the other 2016 special sets were Wrapping Cherry, Eternal Carnival and various Antoinette Decorations.

I can’t find specific sizing information for Jewel Marine or Aquarium Carnival, but Holy Theater fits 85cm-113cm bust and 70cm-97cm waist. The original Aquarium one piece fits 88cm-100cm bust and 73cm-95cm waist, so I would imagine the special set one piece should be similar.

I CAN FIT THOSE THINGS. I think if I buy a special set, I would want Aquarium Carnival. Honestly, if there was a special set for Romantic Little Garden or Princess Cat, I would prefer that. However, out of the three shown above sets, Aquarium Carnival looks the comfiest, and there seems to be a weird shiny feel to Holy Theater. Don’t really like Jewel Marine in that cut.

AND THEN THERE IS MORE. Looking at the site, there do not seem to be many tops I can fit into. Even the cutsews seem to have a bust of under 90cm. If I decide to grab a lucky pack, then I figure I may as well go big and get a Special Cute Set. Looking through their site, I can fit most Jumperskirts, but One Pieces, maybe not. But also…what prints? It’s a surprise! SO this might be a bad idea if I mean to be picky.

I mentioned earlier this week that my first dress purchase was a “Congrats on surviving your committee meeting!” gift to myself, and I was considering doing that again. But I also just paid for some dental work, and next week is my San Francisco trip. It would be irresponsible to go buy something nice. I was already thinking about how I am gonna have to be frugal on my trip next week anyway.

I expect that things will probably sell out quickly tomorrow. People are allowed one special set and one lucky bag tomorrow, and then on Saturday they can get a second of either. Sale should start tomorrow at noon PST, so I’ll be in lab then. I have less than 12 hours to decide what to do.


Update : I bought it. :p Also already can see in the site that other lucky packs are selling out faaast. There was also some random pink chocolate JSK Special Set, but I stuck with Aquarium Carnival. 😇

Carolbar Candy Colored Platform Shoes

Actual product is listed as “Carolbar Lovely Women’s Candy Color Buckle Bows Sweet Cute Lolita Barbie Style Platform Mary Janes Shoes“. Again, sometimes this listing disappears for a bit but eventually comes back.

I ordered these shoes on August 3rd, and they arrived today so that took 21 days to arrive. Still earlier than what I was told, so I am happy with delivery. Now, on to business.

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

They are a dusty shade of pink. I am pretty sure that they will not go with either Cat’s Broom dress and might be okay with the Long Ears & Short Ears dresses. These are also size 41 (I ordered US Size 9), and delightfully, these are super comfortable.

Sadly, that is wear the good part drops off.

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

I take one shoe out of the box and the lining is ALREADY coming out. What the heck. It’s easy enough to press back into the shoe but I am not amused.

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

Bottom of the shoes is covered in what resembles sawdust. It’s not sawdust. It’s plastic dust. This is why one of the pictures above has the shoes sitting on a bag (also for lols).

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

The biggest struggle I had was how do I actually put these shoes on. Here are the straps, which the buckles are attached to.

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

See, the buckle is on the strap, and then on the other side of the shoe is a loop you can kind of fit the strap and buckle into, but it is not at all secure. Still, I gave it a chance. (Shhh don’t mind my panda socks, this was not supposed to be a coordinate or anything, I just wanted to test out some shoes.)

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

I got 10 steps and the straps came undone. I stared at the Amazon page to see if there were any clues. None. I ended up using a nail to make another hole in the strap so it would fight around my foot more tightly, and then the strap seems to fit better. I haven’t put it to a stronger test yet, but I don’t trust the strap quite yet. Why not just have a traditional strap on one side and buckle on the other??? This does make it easier to put the shoe on and take it off, but the straps come undone simply by walking around.

Regardless of the strap, when I walk in this, the heel wants to fall off your foot. I almost wonder if maybe I should have gotten a size down (US 8.5) for it to fit better.

I want to love these shoes, since they are so comfortable in the toe. But the strap is stupid and the heel slipping makes these shoes a pain. Unless that kind of shoe strap makes sense to you, I would avoid these shoes. Looking at a few other Carolbar shoes, it seems like the weird strap is something they use often, so I might not even shop from this brand unless I can see that the strap and buckle look more like a standard one.

Busiest of times

This week is chaos!  🙂

Today and yesterday,  I have been working on my powerpoint for Lab Meeting on Thursday, and my Committee Meeting on Friday. Absolutely must finish today, because tomorrow, I get to go to the dentist…AGAIN. 😥 But I need some work done so may as well get it over with.

Last year, I bought my first lolita dresses as a reward for my committee meeting. This year, F+F is having a sale until Sept 21, so I am thinking I might buy a blouse and a new petticoat from them. We shall see. ♡

Latasa Sweet Lolita Bow Heels

The actual Amazon listing is “Latasa Women’s Lolita Sweet Cute Bow Buckles Round-toe Chunky Low-heel Mary Janes Shoes

It took 18 days for these shoes to arrive, and that was with standard shipping. The other shoes I ordered at the same time still haven’t arrived yet, but Amazon said that both shoes should arrive between August 29th and September 15th so these actually came super early. Yay!

Latasa Pink Sweet Lolita Shoes

These are the pink shoes in size 9. I wear 9, and while the reviews said to try to buy a size up, I didn’t listen. I can fit them, and they are secure, but they are a little tight in the toe. If I buy these shoes in a different color, I will definitely get 9.5. Also, the bottom of the shoes say they are size 41, which is the Chinese size. THAT is very helpful, so if I want to get shoes from Taobao, then I should look for 42 or maybe 43.

Other reviews mentioned the shoes have a chemical smell. That is true, but I’m not concerned. I am more concerned about the shoes getting scuffed up. When I first got these shoes, I tried them on and wore them around my house a little to work on breaking them in. That may or may not make them more comfortable.

However, one of the bows began to become unglued. I used some school glue and a hair clip to hold the bow down while the glue dried. That doesn’t seem to be a good sign.

I really like the heel on these shoes. Not too tall, and the heel itself is wide. I don’t think I could drive in these shoes, but I can’t drive in any shoes with an elevated heel. That’s just on me.

Today, I decided to check the shade of pink against the pinks in the four sweet lolita dresses I’ve acquired this year.

Shoes vs LSES Mushroom Brown JSK

Maybe brown shoes would work better here, but it seems like the shades of pink match.

Shoes vs LESE Lavender JSK

Perhaps Lavender shoes would go better, but I am pretty sure the lavender Latasa shoes are not going to be pale enough.

Shoes vs Cats Broom White dress

I think this matches.


Maybe the ribbon on the Cats Broom dresses is a lighter shade of pink, but I think it goes fine with the pink in the actual print.

More good news! Since I had these dresses out again, I tried on the lavender Cat’s Broom Romantic Garden dress and was able to get it to zip all the way! I even checked the shirring on the back, and it was not stretched all the way either. I have been conscientious about my diet and trying to run more, but honestly, I also cheat a lot on dieting too. I think that this dress might just be difficult to zip up. It didn’t feel too tight once zipped either.

Anyway, back to the shoes. The final review of the shoes will have to be after I wear them in a full outfit and see how much my feet hurt after that. If they’re good, then I might rebuy these in other colors (taupe and lavender) in 9.5, and maybe buy the pink ones in 9.5 also. The issue with this retailer is that sometimes the shoes sell out and they disappear from Amazon for a bit.

Busy times

This week, it is experiments everyday, and then microscope when I can.

Tomorrow is a meeting with the science club children.

Thursday is go to the store for Mom and also to get food for the weekend.

Weekend is boyfriend come here to visit.

Next week, I am getting a tooth drilled for a crown, then give lab meeting the next day, and THEN the day after that, committee meeting.

Then pack for my trip to California, which is the week after that.

SO much to do. There have been a few dresses released that I wanted to write about, since they are pretty and I wish I could buy them, but no time. Oh well.