Summer 2016 Pusheen Box

I actually received this over a week ago, but tired and Florida and additional career workshops, so I am just now getting around to posting. Also, Happy August!

WOW it’s huge this season. What could be instead?

Woah! Flipflops and a drink cup! And is that a shirt???

We got flipflops and some sunglasses. I just bought sunglasses…but I suppose you can never have too many. The flipflops are great. I wore them to lab one day (I was not doing anything with chemicals! I just had to get something at my desk!) and they are noisy. Maybe it’s the floor? Maybe because they are new? Anyway, I still love them.

Drink cup, ice cube tray and an iron on patch. I love the drink cup. It is perfect in every way. I am drinking from it right now. Haven’t used the ice cube tray yet, and iron on patches are kind of silly to me.

We got a BAG! Not a shirt! Also, an inflatable Pusheen beach ball (lol what?) and a beach towel that needs to be washed for it to expand. Not sure what I’ll use the bag for exactly, but I like it. As for the Pusheen beach ball, I have no idea.

This month’s special Pusheen figure is a Merpusheen. Actually, the best one yet. I am not even a fan of the vinyl figurines anyway, but this is super cute and I like it.

Once again, the Pusheen Box has been a whopping success! I think I am going to keep this subscription going until next Spring (since next Summer, who knows where I am going to be?). I am just super thrilled every time I get one of these boxes. I love how it’s not just random cheap little things, but stuff I could actually use.


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