The Great Shoe Experiment

At the moment, I own 4 dresses that are mostly pink (and other colors). After lurking in many lolita fashion forums, this means I most likely need pink shoes.  Or rather, shoes that match.

My black or beige flats probably won’t work. But I have large American feet (size 9…ah guess it’s not that big but I can’t fit Japanese shoes) so I turned to Amazon.


On the left is Latasa and on the right is Carolbar. I think these are cute, and the reviews aren’t too bad. So I am giving them a shot.

They should arrive at the end of the month, or after I get back from San Francisco,  so it’ll be a nice surprise awhile from now. :]

Also, I had to schedule a dentist appointment so I needed to cheer myself up. My dentist is great, but going to the dentist is just unpleasant no matter what.

What about my super-duper save all the money plan? I know, I am still on that. This is my one splurge for the month of August (so early on…) and I have to get a parking permit too (last one I pray). So yes, I am still budgeting carefully!


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