Latasa Sweet Lolita Bow Heels

The actual Amazon listing is “Latasa Women’s Lolita Sweet Cute Bow Buckles Round-toe Chunky Low-heel Mary Janes Shoes

It took 18 days for these shoes to arrive, and that was with standard shipping. The other shoes I ordered at the same time still haven’t arrived yet, but Amazon said that both shoes should arrive between August 29th and September 15th so these actually came super early. Yay!

Latasa Pink Sweet Lolita Shoes

These are the pink shoes in size 9. I wear 9, and while the reviews said to try to buy a size up, I didn’t listen. I can fit them, and they are secure, but they are a little tight in the toe. If I buy these shoes in a different color, I will definitely get 9.5. Also, the bottom of the shoes say they are size 41, which is the Chinese size. THAT is very helpful, so if I want to get shoes from Taobao, then I should look for 42 or maybe 43.

Other reviews mentioned the shoes have a chemical smell. That is true, but I’m not concerned. I am more concerned about the shoes getting scuffed up. When I first got these shoes, I tried them on and wore them around my house a little to work on breaking them in. That may or may not make them more comfortable.

However, one of the bows began to become unglued. I used some school glue and a hair clip to hold the bow down while the glue dried. That doesn’t seem to be a good sign.

I really like the heel on these shoes. Not too tall, and the heel itself is wide. I don’t think I could drive in these shoes, but I can’t drive in any shoes with an elevated heel. That’s just on me.

Today, I decided to check the shade of pink against the pinks in the four sweet lolita dresses I’ve acquired this year.

Shoes vs LSES Mushroom Brown JSK

Maybe brown shoes would work better here, but it seems like the shades of pink match.

Shoes vs LESE Lavender JSK

Perhaps Lavender shoes would go better, but I am pretty sure the lavender Latasa shoes are not going to be pale enough.

Shoes vs Cats Broom White dress

I think this matches.


Maybe the ribbon on the Cats Broom dresses is a lighter shade of pink, but I think it goes fine with the pink in the actual print.

More good news! Since I had these dresses out again, I tried on the lavender Cat’s Broom Romantic Garden dress and was able to get it to zip all the way! I even checked the shirring on the back, and it was not stretched all the way either. I have been conscientious about my diet and trying to run more, but honestly, I also cheat a lot on dieting too. I think that this dress might just be difficult to zip up. It didn’t feel too tight once zipped either.

Anyway, back to the shoes. The final review of the shoes will have to be after I wear them in a full outfit and see how much my feet hurt after that. If they’re good, then I might rebuy these in other colors (taupe and lavender) in 9.5, and maybe buy the pink ones in 9.5 also. The issue with this retailer is that sometimes the shoes sell out and they disappear from Amazon for a bit.


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