Carolbar Candy Colored Platform Shoes

Actual product is listed as “Carolbar Lovely Women’s Candy Color Buckle Bows Sweet Cute Lolita Barbie Style Platform Mary Janes Shoes“. Again, sometimes this listing disappears for a bit but eventually comes back.

I ordered these shoes on August 3rd, and they arrived today so that took 21 days to arrive. Still earlier than what I was told, so I am happy with delivery. Now, on to business.

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

They are a dusty shade of pink. I am pretty sure that they will not go with either Cat’s Broom dress and might be okay with the Long Ears & Short Ears dresses. These are also size 41 (I ordered US Size 9), and delightfully, these are super comfortable.

Sadly, that is wear the good part drops off.

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

I take one shoe out of the box and the lining is ALREADY coming out. What the heck. It’s easy enough to press back into the shoe but I am not amused.

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

Bottom of the shoes is covered in what resembles sawdust. It’s not sawdust. It’s plastic dust. This is why one of the pictures above has the shoes sitting on a bag (also for lols).

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

The biggest struggle I had was how do I actually put these shoes on. Here are the straps, which the buckles are attached to.

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

See, the buckle is on the strap, and then on the other side of the shoe is a loop you can kind of fit the strap and buckle into, but it is not at all secure. Still, I gave it a chance. (Shhh don’t mind my panda socks, this was not supposed to be a coordinate or anything, I just wanted to test out some shoes.)

Carolbar Candy Colored Lolita Platform Shoes

I got 10 steps and the straps came undone. I stared at the Amazon page to see if there were any clues. None. I ended up using a nail to make another hole in the strap so it would fight around my foot more tightly, and then the strap seems to fit better. I haven’t put it to a stronger test yet, but I don’t trust the strap quite yet. Why not just have a traditional strap on one side and buckle on the other??? This does make it easier to put the shoe on and take it off, but the straps come undone simply by walking around.

Regardless of the strap, when I walk in this, the heel wants to fall off your foot. I almost wonder if maybe I should have gotten a size down (US 8.5) for it to fit better.

I want to love these shoes, since they are so comfortable in the toe. But the strap is stupid and the heel slipping makes these shoes a pain. Unless that kind of shoe strap makes sense to you, I would avoid these shoes. Looking at a few other Carolbar shoes, it seems like the weird strap is something they use often, so I might not even shop from this brand unless I can see that the strap and buckle look more like a standard one.


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