Angelic Pretty vs My Wallet

Today I had lab meeting. Good news is, my boss thinks I can graduate next June (not May…), and that I have a lot of good data. Bad news…I really need to repeat all of it to be able to see the subtle phenotypes we are hoping are present. Actually, that’s not that bad. The real bad news is my parking permit expires May 31st so I’ll have to buy a summer one.

I was lazing around, not practicing for my real committee meeting tomorrow, when I happened across this on Facebook.

OH MY GOD. Special sets. Jewel Marine is ¥10800/~$108, Aquarium Carnival is  ¥10800~$108 and Holy Theater is  ¥12980/$130 (all with head accessory). The Angelic Pretty USA store hasn’t put up listings or prices in USD yet. Also, the picture said MORE special sets? Other than these?!?! According to Lolibrary, the other 2016 special sets were Wrapping Cherry, Eternal Carnival and various Antoinette Decorations.

I can’t find specific sizing information for Jewel Marine or Aquarium Carnival, but Holy Theater fits 85cm-113cm bust and 70cm-97cm waist. The original Aquarium one piece fits 88cm-100cm bust and 73cm-95cm waist, so I would imagine the special set one piece should be similar.

I CAN FIT THOSE THINGS. I think if I buy a special set, I would want Aquarium Carnival. Honestly, if there was a special set for Romantic Little Garden or Princess Cat, I would prefer that. However, out of the three shown above sets, Aquarium Carnival looks the comfiest, and there seems to be a weird shiny feel to Holy Theater. Don’t really like Jewel Marine in that cut.

AND THEN THERE IS MORE. Looking at the site, there do not seem to be many tops I can fit into. Even the cutsews seem to have a bust of under 90cm. If I decide to grab a lucky pack, then I figure I may as well go big and get a Special Cute Set. Looking through their site, I can fit most Jumperskirts, but One Pieces, maybe not. But also…what prints? It’s a surprise! SO this might be a bad idea if I mean to be picky.

I mentioned earlier this week that my first dress purchase was a “Congrats on surviving your committee meeting!” gift to myself, and I was considering doing that again. But I also just paid for some dental work, and next week is my San Francisco trip. It would be irresponsible to go buy something nice. I was already thinking about how I am gonna have to be frugal on my trip next week anyway.

I expect that things will probably sell out quickly tomorrow. People are allowed one special set and one lucky bag tomorrow, and then on Saturday they can get a second of either. Sale should start tomorrow at noon PST, so I’ll be in lab then. I have less than 12 hours to decide what to do.


Update : I bought it. :p Also already can see in the site that other lucky packs are selling out faaast. There was also some random pink chocolate JSK Special Set, but I stuck with Aquarium Carnival. 😇


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