Committee Meeting and such

It was 2pm when the AP Sets went up. There were 4 sets (the 3 listed plus a 4th which I had no interest in). Immediately bought mine, and then checked the site to see how fast other stuff sold out.

I think the Holy Theater set is the only thing left as of this morning.  Good to know for future Special Sets I want to buy….do it ASAP.

Anyway, my committee meeting was an hour later. They are curious about the biological relevance of the interaction between my 2 favorite proteins (honestly, that’s a good point). Also, they want me to focus.

I did a genetic screen a few years ago to find new interactors for my beloved favorite gene. Out of the 500 genes I tested, there was one that caused a weird phenotype when expressed alone, and when co-misexpressed with my BFF gene, the phenotype of the new gene  (plus the BFFs phenotype) are suppressed. This is exactly what we wanted to see. There was also another gene that came out, plus a third gene from a different screen.

So I’ve been working on 3 different interactions, trying to show that at least one is bona-fide. I like having a lot of options, but I’m also spread thin. If I’m going to publish a paper on this, I need to focus.

So I have a lot to do. But my AP dress has already shipped! Chances are, it’ll get here while I’m in San Francisco…and that is where it is shipping from. Lol whoops.

They also want me to write up a little report with actual hypotheses. Legit concern, since after the screen, my working hypothesis in my head has been “what happens if I do X?” and that’s really not a proper hypothesis.


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