Angelic Pretty Aquarium Carnival Special OP Set

My package arrived Monday. Ordered Friday and this is what 2 day USPS shipping gets you. Awesome. So I rush home and open my pretty treasure. On the invoice, they hand-wrote “Thank you!” which is always a lovely touch.

Here we are, my first ever brand…(*≧▽≦)

AP Aquarium Carnival Special OP

It’s so cute! The fabric is nice and soft and seeing the print up close, I am very happy. The back is fully shirred so I am sure I’ll be able to wear this. I didn’t try it on yet. Looking at the bodice, I like how it is not too complicated. There is a bit of lace on the front, but nothing super fancy.

AP Aquarium Carnival

The front now. Cut off in this pic is the ends of the box, which have little pearl drops.

AP Aquarium Carnival

Sassy pink dolphin on this print is amazing. Maybe it’s really purple. Whatever. This is the best thing.

AP Aquarium Carnival Headbow

The lace has SEASHELLS. SEASHELLS FOR AN AQUARIUM PRINT. This kind of detail is amazing.

AP Aquarium Carnival

The headbow is darling. No seashell lace but starfish lace, and little pearl details.

When I do get around to wearing this, I’ll update on fit, but right now, I am extremely impressed with the whole situation. I will definitely keep an eye out for future special sets (Cat Princess and Romantic Little Garden are two current prints that I kind of like) because this seems like an affordable way to acquire Angelic Pretty dresses. In the future, I do want to buy prints when they are released, but I need a real job for that.


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