Home again

Mom was able to come home today!

So I picked her up after lab and then we picked up her new prescriptions and got dinner.

She is very happy to be home. I am glad she’s home too. I don’t think I like living by myself.

And now my (hopefully) fun day tomorrow will go as planned


Saturday Fun Time

Now it appears that Mom will get out on Saturday.

DAMNIT that is when my event is!

I guess I will have to hope that one of my brothers will be able to help out, or I’ll just have to plan around it. :/ Damnit, I am still going, and I am still dressing up.

Also, I got an email from Doki Doki crate about how now they have shirts AND there is a Halloween box. So like the sucker I am, I subscribed. And because I am financially irresponsible, also decided to give Yume Twins and Q Box a shot for the month of October. :/


Mom pt2

Surgery went well, Mom is recovering. Hopefully she can come home soon.

Saturday is the Japanfest, and one of my friends from High School (actually, the only one I really bother keeping in touch with and was actually in a different year from me) will be there too so that is something to look forward to. She saw me half-ass dress up many Nakakons ago (it was bad), so I’m not worried about dressing up in front of her. 🙂

Me and Bad Life Decisions


There is a Puck’s Prank JSK now (left) and they overlay thing is stupid but it’s so pretty and today is the last day that both are 10% off. I want them so badly. I think when I get home today,  I’m just gonna do it. And then when there is the next F+F sale, I’m gonna buy that damn flowery underskirt  (you can see in the JSK pic, the one I’ve talked about before).

I’ve been thinking about these so much. Are they lolita? Maybe if you add a blouse. Do I care? No, damnit. I’m in love and if this means I am stuck forever in the realms of ita-hell, then I guess that just makes me a damn ita. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ


Edit: I was able to say fuck it, and forget about it until there was a big sale. But then I saw there is also a 20% sale right now. So I just did it.

Pucks Prank OP (aka F+F hates my wallet)

Lately I have been reading a lot on the whole debate about daily lolita vs conlitas (wearing lolita only to meetups or anime cons, so that is pretty much what I am) and trying to think about the best way to transition eventually to wearing it more often.

Other than the whole “expensive clothes I am terrified of spilling chemicals on because I work in a lab” excuse. But I do want to wear this fashion more than a few times a year.

One thing that I was thinking of was maybe focusing on a different style. Angelic Pretty is Sweet Lolita, and the trend these days tends to be over-the-top (OTT). I am not an over the top person, and so I cannot honestly follow that trend.

On the other hand, aside from two black blouses, I don’t own anything that could be Gothic Lolita. I do want to get more Gothic Lolita items though, but so far, I’m not sure what to look for.

So perhaps Classic Lolita is the way to go? It’s elegant, and technically Fanplusfriend does classic and elegant gothic releases (but all year it’s been pirates and I’m not too into pirates). Innocent World is another brand that I’ve seen recommended. They have an English site, and some things look like they might fit me! But as you should expect with brand, it’s expensive.

I was lamenting being poor and general whining when I saw that F+F updated with a new dress, and it’s NOT PIRATES.

DAMNIT this was exactly the type of thing I wanted F+F to release. Pretty flower print, not too frilly but still very elegant.

This is gorgeous. Like the Fairytale print level of cute from last year.

They advertise a knitted shawl to go with it, however I am not super in love with it. Instead, I just want BOTH OF THESE COLORWAYS and we already know how that is a problem for me. But when I do get around to ordering this (maybe in November, unless it sells out but it doesn’t call this limited so I am confident I have time), I’ll get pink.