Home again!

Actually, I came home last Sunday.

My trip to San Francisco was pretty fun. Never got a chance to go to the Angelic Pretty store, or the BtSSB store which I didn’t know was even in SF, but oh well.

On Thursday, we went to the Exploratorium, which is an educational science museum. It was a lot of fun, but I feel like it would be cooler if I had small children with me. We went to Pier 39, which I still have no idea why that is a place to see. Later, had dinner with my friend who lives around SF.

On Friday, we wandered around and eventually went out to Napa Valley to go to a fancy winery. What am I saying, all the wineries out there are fancy. It was a nice experience, but I am not big on wine or alcohol in general. It is very beautiful out there though.

On Saturday, we went to Muir Woods, which has many ancient redwood trees. It was also very beautiful there, but also very crowded. Perhaps because it was the weekend, and also a holiday weekend? I imagine on a weekday, it would be less crowded and much more peaceful to go to.

Then Sunday, I flew home, and I’ve been trying to catch up in lab all week. So not very exciting, really.


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