Upcoming Events for Dressing Up

In my everyday life, I usually wear jeans and a plain t-shirt. Sometimes I will wear a skirt or a cute dress with tights and a nicer shirt.

Thus, according to the internet, I am only a part-time Lolita at best. Considering how new I am to actually following through with any of this (doesn’t matter how many years I’ve daydreamed), I am okay with that. In a perfect world where I am rich and don’t worry about cat hair or spilling ice cream on super expensive clothes, I would wear Lolita clothes everyday. That’s not my current reality.

Anyway, I like trying to put together special outfits and it also gives me an excuse to find more events to go to.

So first, there is a local Japan festival. I’ve gone to that several times, both with friends (who weren’t really into anime and only a little into Japanese culture but they said it was fun), and alone. Since this might be my last chance to attend, I am definitely going, and I am going to dress up. Plus, I haven’t been in a few years, so it would be nice to check it out again.

I think I will wear one of my white blouses with the white Cat’s Broom dress, white tights (apparently solid tights are also super boring according to the internet, but I highly doubt I can make patterned tights look good so I am ignoring that) and my new pink shoes. I have a matching headband that came with the dress, but not what am I going to do with my hair? That is the big mystery right now. Some years, it has been very cold the first weekend of October, but other years, it has been super hot. Weather plays a huge role in how I do my hair, because it is thick and frizzes very easily.

Another reason I am super excited for this event is that on the way home, I can go to the super cute little bakery and pick up some fancy pastries.

The second event is a local Renaissance Festival. Again, it’s something I’ve gone to with friends many times, but not in the last few years. However, this will be trickier, since I am going with at least one friend, and I do want to dress up, but the issue is shoes. The festival is pretty much in a non-paved field, and is open regardless of weather. I have a striking memory of it being extra muddy one time and my friend getting her flipflop completely stuck in the mud.

So I need boots.

Or rather, can I use the boots I have? I figure I will wear one of my F+F Chiffon Dresses, since I am not afraid to wash them, and a blouse. Again, solid tights. The boots I currently have are black and not in the greatest condition. So I could go with a white blouse, white tights and boots (I have considered getting brown boots for this but also trying to be cost efficient, especially since I don’t regularly wear boots either), or black blouse, black tights, black boots. Also, which dress? The lilac one has some hair accessories I could use, and the blue one matches well enough with my AP headband (but do I really want to risk wearing that to a dirty ren fair??) So once again, hair is a problem I need to consider.

These things are fun to think about, and once I have the ideas finalized, I’ll take pictures of things.


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