Me and Bad Life Decisions


There is a Puck’s Prank JSK now (left) and they overlay thing is stupid but it’s so pretty and today is the last day that both are 10% off. I want them so badly. I think when I get home today,  I’m just gonna do it. And then when there is the next F+F sale, I’m gonna buy that damn flowery underskirt  (you can see in the JSK pic, the one I’ve talked about before).

I’ve been thinking about these so much. Are they lolita? Maybe if you add a blouse. Do I care? No, damnit. I’m in love and if this means I am stuck forever in the realms of ita-hell, then I guess that just makes me a damn ita. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ


Edit: I was able to say fuck it, and forget about it until there was a big sale. But then I saw there is also a 20% sale right now. So I just did it.


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