October 2016 QBox

I ordered the October QBox and the Halloween Special Qbox. Guess which one DIDN’T arrive on Halloween? The Halloween one…. T_T Maybe they were shipped separately and the Halloween one will show up tomorrow. It has been exactly a week since I was told my stuff shipped, and they said that for shipping to the USA, you should it to take expect 5-7 days, and to email after 12 days.  Anyway, here is what was in the October Box, advertised to be the “cutest box yet!”.

Here it is. I initially though that since both boxes were invoiced together, they would be shipped together. But this seems kind of small??

I don’t see any Halloween stuff here, and there is not an included list of “the October box consists of x, y and z” like in the Doki Doki Crate and Yume Twins.

One item is this spoon and fork set. It makes me think of the silverware you would get for babies, except the spoon should be covered in some kind of soft plastic. And to be honest, I am not super into Hello Kitty anymore. I do like some Hello Kitty things, but this…not this.

Behold, a hodge-podge of what Q-Box thinks are the “cutest things ever”. We have a cat handwarmer (yes very cute), some stickers that I already own which I bought off GMarket several years ago, a set of Totoro bookmarks (yessss I could always use more bookmarks!), some Disney Tsumtsum shoelace charms (what), A Disney Tsumtsum bracelet-like thing, and an iRing piggy for attaching to your phone as a stand. Cute, but it won’t let my phone lay flat for playing rhythm games.

Here are some socks and a watch. Socks are 100%okay. I can always use more socks. As for the watch…I hate wearing watches. The pattern is little pink elephants too. Huh.

Finally, one thing I can get excited over, which is a tea cup. This is a hella cute tea cup.

This box alone was $24.95. Shipping for this and the Halloween Box was $15, so I am predicting around $7.5 for shipping, so $31 for this box alone? Yea, no. I am already annoyed with how this shipped late (site said Oct 20th, actually shipped around Oct 25th), and now a little annoyed that my Halloween box didn’t arrive in October. If the cute-theme box was late, whatever, but the holiday themed box arriving after the holiday (if at all, says the pessimist in me) is kind of tacky. It seems like they are known for shipping things late, so this is what I would do instead: offer the Halloween box in September and ship it at the end of September/early October, and then people will actually get the box in October when things are feeling spooky. But we all know that at midnight tonight, it will become the festive season of Christmas (yay capitalism!) so it will feel a touch out of place.

UNLESS….unless the Halloween Box is all Nightmare Before Christmas themed, and then it will fit perfectly. Don’t let me down, Qbox, I am rooting for you.


9 weeks to go – F+F Puck’s Prank JSK

Happy Halloween Eve! Today I slept in and decided to try on my prospective halloween outfit.

Ta-da this is what made it to my instagram, and is the usual way I take pics.  Today’s main outfit is the F+F Puck’s Prank JSK, with a white F+F Chiffon Lover blouse and also skirt. I’m wearing a homemade petticoat AND the one included with the Puck’s Prank OP. For legwear…the Target white tights that I can no longer find except with fleece lining. That will be awesome in the winter, but not quite cold enough now. Also, for shoes, I’m wearing the Carolbar Platforms. I wore them around a lot today, and had no issues with the strap after all! Colorwise, they almost match the ribbon, so that is good.

I have no good place for lighting in my house, and the above picture doesn’t really give the dress justice, so I tried in a few other places.

Tried to get better lighting, but still not super great. In a perfect world, I would have a well lit room and a mirror attached to the wall and it would be great for outfit pictures. Until then, I am stuck. Sorry.

You may recall that this dress also came with some other accessories. For a Halloween-y fairy outfit, they work. For a more normal “I am dressing in lolita” outfit, leave that stuff alone.

First, the capelet. It attaches to little buttons on the shoulder straps. A little awkward with this blouse since the sleeves are extra poofy. However, what is worse is that it is uneven. One side is longer than the other. What the heck? I can’t use this.

Also, the sash should tie in the back, but I feel like this is okay too.

In a fit of anger at the hair clip I was using. I tried to make the capelet into a head veil thing with bobby pins. Actually, this is much better. Not super lolita-ish, but better for a fairy costume where I don’t have a super great hair piece.

This JSK also included the overskirt with a part that becomes a choker.On the left is the overskirt. It is better to tie the ribbon sash in the back here since you have to tie the overskirt on in the front. I guess you could do both in the back. On the top right is what the back looks like when you tie up the choker. It is supposed to mimic fairy wings. Lol okay? The choker (bottom right) looks okay, but I don’t particularly like the feeling of chokers, so I tried to think of alternatives for this overskirt.

One alternative is make the overskirt a cape, like on the left. I think this is more like wings actually. Even better would be an overskirt around the waist AND as a cape. Oh well. On the right is just tying the ribbons from the choker part around the waist also. Only problem here is that now I have a ton of stuff tied at the waist.

So I eventually took off all the extra fairy accessories and hung out in my house in the original outfit at the top. For lunch, I had leftover potato soup, a roll and some green tea. Then I planned on going to lab to feed some fruit flies, but I got to the parking lot, saw a car belonging to someone else in my lab and decided to go home.  I’m not quite ready to wear a full lolita-ish outfit around my loving and accepting friends, so no way in hell am I gonna wear one around one of the assholes I work with.

When I got home, my neighbors were trying to chase down their cat, failed and left. (They got a new kitten a few months ago and decided it would be smart to let him play outside when they are outside. Now he cries to go outside all the time and now it appears the cat won’t go back inside on his own and they won’t just pick him up and put him inside….on my street that is fairly busy). Anyway, I was able to capture him, and played with him for a bit. Mom found out the neighbors will be back in a few hours so we are trying to keep an eye on him til then.

Neighbor Kitty really wants to eat my shoes…

For Halloween tomorrow night, I may skip wearing the blouse and be 100% fairy. I don’t know. I really wish I had a blouse that didn’t dig into my arms so much. Maybe I need to do some arm slimming exercises, while I look for more blouses.

9 weeks to go – F+F Chiffon Lover

Like I mentioned, 10 weeks to go was last weekend and I was visiting the boyfriend.

Even worse, I didn’t even dress up today. Instead, I put together a coord and then promptly criticized it, took pictures and put it away.

Here we have F+F’s Chiffon Lover JSK, a black chiffon blouse from ???brand (I bought it from the Lolita Collective at Paradiso and that’s all I know), generic black box hairclip, Target brand shoes and tights, a Tasty Peach Studio necklace, homemade bracelet and a ring I probably got at Claire’s.

First criticism: Needs more light blue. But I am sorely lacking in light blue. I need some kind of light blue thing to put on my head.

Second, I’m sure someone out there is angry that I have solid black tights for this. I actually own some light blue tights but it is the wrong kind of light blue. I recently found out about WeLoveColor which sells tights in all the colors, so someday I may buy plain light blue tights from there. But I am a solid color tights kind of person.

Some detailed shots.

I am not entirely sure if the necklace works with this, since it has some white and other colors on it. A blue pearl necklace might work better.

I don’t have black wristcuffs, nor blue ones. Light blue ones would probably work best. Instead, I have a blue pearl bracelet I made once upon a time. Also threw in a silver rose ring which I like, and it at least goes with the chain of the necklace.

Again, the solid black tights, and maryjane flat shoes I got from Target a long time ago. I have heeled maryjane shoes also. If I was wearing this to a meet (I wore something similar a few months ago, but it was a skirt and not a JSK), I may wear the heels instead (but I’d need flats in my car because I cannot drive in heels). If I was just being a dork around the house or going grocery shopping, I would wear flats.

Actually, considering that I own much more exciting dresses, I would not wear this to a coord. I wore the lavender version to the Nakakon Tea Party, but I think I can do better next year. This would be a good dress for wearing around the house, or wearing to a non-lolita event where a more exciting dress might gather more attention than I feel like dealing with.

An alternate take on this outfit would be to use a white blouse and white tights. I am lost on the shoes, since wearing black shoes with an otherwise sweet outfit is apparently abominable, but I don’t own light blue shoes. I would have to go with my taupe shoes instead. I would absolutely need a blue headpiece as well. I would be able to use the same (theoretical) blue pearl necklace, or just use white pearls for everything. The reason I am not just setting up that coord here is because I need to use the damn black blouses for something.  Even the version of this outfit with white instead of black is still nothing super special, so a mostly home-and-boring-activity kind of outfit.

Friday Funday

Just so you don’t get confused, tomorrow is Friday. BUT I can’t wait.

First, I am kind of excited to run a DNA gel to see if an experiment I did worked.

Second, there is a Halloween Party at the school, so I made very cute cupcakes. I am just worried that people won’t show up because they suck. u_u

ALSO, the PS4 version of Skyrim should be delivered to my house tomorrow too.

Yes it is still October…

After receiving all the other things I’ve ordered this month (all the subscription boxes plus my Etude House order), I was starting to worry about Q Box. After all, for a new (to me) service, I gave them a bit of money for two boxes (the Halloween box and the October box). But upon checking their site the other day, nothing was supposed to ship.

Then I looked for reviews online and began to be suspicious. QBox is also the name of other non-cute subscription boxes, and their twitter and facebook don’t update often. Their instagram seems to be the most up to date, and there were several comments from people asking about their September  boxes. Yikes. Actually, it appears those several comments are all from the same 1 or 2 people, and they are also complaining about the October box…

However, early this morning, I got an email that it shipped, and it should be 5-7 days from Canada. Oh good. Only shipped 5 days late, and I’ll probably get the damn Halloween box AFTER HALLOWEEN. ◔_◔ Hmm. Also, I am aware that earlier this year, Canada Post had a strike or there was something funky going on. Nonetheless…I am worried.


October 2016 Yume Twins Box

I received this box last week, but the original shipping notice was awhile ago. That is because this box is actually from Japan. Yume Twins is supposed to be a box of cute stuff from Japan that is especially ‘yume kawaii’ (dreamy cute) since that is apparently a new trend.

The box is smaller than the Doki Doki Box (and Pusheen box, but I can’t compare anything to the Pusheen box really…) Also, not sure how I feel about the cover art style on the booklet. On the box itself, there is some super cute art of who I guess are the Yume Twins, but there’s this really messy art on the cover. I’ve seen it on the Yume Twins site before too, so it might just be part of their style.

Here are all the goodies. This month’s theme is…kawaii character bento. They include 2 items that are related to the theme (the Snoopy rice shapers and I guess the cat cafe rement?).

I didn’t take individual pictures for the Yume Twins Halloween sticker, even though I really like it. I like the art on this sticker more than the scratchy art on the cover. I was kind of hoping there would be more Halloween-y stuff, but oh well.

They include a kitty toothbrush, which I guess could be related to charater bentos in that dental hygeine is important. However, this is a child’s toothbrush. Very cute, I like it, but my mouth is too big to use this. I am a little disappointed by that, but I suppose in a pinch, I could still use it. But getting a toothbrush in the mail like this is kind of hilarious to me.

Also not pictured are some decorative sticky notes, and a Pure Smile Masquerade Face Mask. OH MAN I love Face Masks. I just got in an order of Etude House’s new versions and I am super excited to have yet another one to mess with. There are a variety of shapes for the sticky notes too, so that is fun.

Uh, okay. I actually already own some other cute character rice ball shapers…which I literally never use. I suppose I should give it a shot. This is really appropriate for the theme, as opposed to everything else.

This blobby bird plush is Koishi-tai, a cute alien cupid that is supposed to bring luck to your love life. I though the plushies in the Doki Doki box were ridiculous, but oh my freaking gosh, what the heck. But it’s soft and bean filled and has an awkward heart on it’s head. I don’t know. I am so confused by this.

This pouch features Komasan from Yokai Watch. Yokai Watch is a series of video games and stuff that seems to be marketed to 10 year old boys. A kid can summon yokai (ghosts? phantoms?) with a watch. However, this pouch is extra fluffy, so that is nice.

THE POUCH IS DIVIDED! That is amazing. It’s kind of in the spirit of Halloween, and since it has pockets, this will be super useful.

Ah Rement, we meet again. This is from the Hello Kitty Cat Cafe Rement series, where I got the sleepy set. Tiny Cinnamoroll and a Hello Kitty cat bed and drink and mat and a tiny magazine.

Wow such detail on the itty bitty magazine. That said, I am not too into Rement minatures, considering my cat-sized cat will knock this stuff over or eat it.

Speaking of cat, here she is, befuddled by the cat toothbrush.

Yume Twins is $30 a month, and it seems like this is all stuff you would actually grab at a stationary shop or little store of some kind in Japan. However, maybe the theme is the cause of this, but none of this feels very “dreamy cute” to me.

I have to admit, I am not super impressed. Maybe because I was wowed by Pusheen so recently. Maybe because some of these items are just so weird (Koishi-tai….). On the otherhand, I do appreciate how this all seems extra authentic compared to the Doki Doki box. Doki Doki seems to have a lot of stuff custom produced, which is both good (like the original plushies) and bad (the random accessories).

Like the irresponsible person I am, I am getting both Doki Doki and Yume Twins for November, primarily to see how disappointed I will be by the Sailormoon Rement keychain. The theme for Yume Twins next month is Breakfast. (Doki Doki’s theme next month is Kawaii Cafe).

Fall 2016 Pusheen Box

As of this box, I have completed a whole year of Pusheen boxes (so 4).  My final conclusion is that this is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING WORTH IT. I am going to continue with Pusheen boxes because they are always awesome. This box might be my favorite yet!

The box this time is purple and has little wings…

That is because this season’s figure is a BAT PUSHEEN. It’s so cute! MerPusheen is still cuter, but I like this.

I also got a pullover shirt. It’s HUGE and looks super comfy.  I feel like it will make excellent pajamas or ‘just lounging around the house and drinking tea in the midst of winter’ attire. Speaking of tea…

AHHHHHHH IT’S A TEACUP.°˖✧∩(◎ヮ◎∩)✧˖° The saucer looks like a basket (or the top of an apple pie) and the cup has Pusheen and some apples. This is a proper tea cup. Don’t microwave, don’t put in the dishwasher. I don’t know how apparent this is, but I love tea, and I love teaware. When I was an undergraduate, I was super excited to get my own set of dishes (I ended up getting some okay ones from Target clearance, but they lasted all college) and would regularly acquire more tea cups and mugs for drinking tea. At this point in my life, since I am living in my mother’s house full of her dishes, I try to not buy more tea cups.  Sometimes I fail, and so this will probably be used a few times and then stashed away or put on display and saved for special tea drinking moments. But man, if PusheenBox had not already won my heart, this is the Cupid’s Arrow that has made me decide to give them money as long as I can.

Cute stationary types of things! There is a cute holographic notebook, which I took a short video of. Pretty average little notebook, but I love notebooks. Also, here we have sticky notes, a pen and some silicon coasters. At first I though they were silicon pot holders, but they are way too small for that. The pen is a normal ball point pen, but the ink flows nicely. It has a little Pusheen charm attached, which I think I’ll remove since it swings around in the way when writing.

A few weeks ago, my Boss’s wife mentioned she had to get a key from one of my desk drawers (this is not an invasion of privacy, because the only reason I have that particular key is for when my Boss and/or his wife forget or lose their copy of the key), and she made a joke about how I need some grumpy cat sticky notes to put in the drawer as to shame people when they have to get into it. I think Pusheen sticky notes will do

LOL here we have some clip-in cat ears and a cat tail. I already have my Halloween costume planned, but this is a good backup. I’m sure the Pusheen tag on instagram will be filled with people in this costume.

While opening the box, I smelled a nice smell. Turns out to be this pumpkin air freshner. I am not a fan of pumpkin flavor or smell, but this isn’t too bad.  I don’t think I want to put it in my car, and I’m not sure what else to do with it.

The pullover and the teacup make this box easily worth more than the $50 (this being the box plus shipping) I paid for it. Like I mentioned, I intend on buying the winter (and spring and summer) boxes in the future. As for next fall…ideally I will buy that one too. But it depends on moving and graduating and all that jazz. I worry slightly that being subscribed for too long will cause me to have an overabundance of Pusheen merchandise. Have you ever seen the website Hello Kitty Hell? It hasn’t updated in a long time, but it’s pretty much a guy whose wife was obsessed with Hello Kitty and so they had a ton of HK stuff and then it eventually became a site to list all the bizarre HK products.  ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ Should I be worried about accidentally creating a Pusheen hell? Or maybe Tasty Peach Studio Meowchi Hell? I suppose my boyfriend may just have to suffer through my love of cute cat merchandise…

Another thing I wonder is if the 2016 Winter Pusheen box will have any repeats from last year. I really enjoyed and used the knit hat and pajama shirt, and I am just now starting to use the hot drink cup but I really like it too. Maybe this year they will have fuzzy socks or a scarf? The next box ships mid-December. Oh man, I am excited for that box too.