Japan Fest

Mom is safe at home, so I was able to go to the local Japan Festival without a worry!

Every time I attend this festival, the parking is a pain. It is located on a college campus, and there is lots of parking, but all the parking near the event fills up fast. So I park kind of far away. This isn’t an issue, except shoes. I made the grave mistake of leaving my comfy shoes in my car and not just stowing them in my bag.

Once I got in, I wandered around looking for the Nakakon booth so I could go to Nakakon next spring. Didn’t find it, but I DID run into a girl I met at Paradiso, and knew was going to attend this event so I was hoping I would see her. Being the awkward thing I am, I didn’t tell her on Facebook and was leaving it all up to luck, which worked in my favor.

We went to watch a tea ceremony, which was really interesting! This was an urasenke-style tea ceremony, so guests sit at special tables instead of on tatami mats. Some people from the audience were invited to participate, but I wasn’t one of them. We actually ended up leaving once the presentation was just giving tea to the guests because they were served one at a time and after watching the tea ceremony a few times, it gets a little boring. Still, it was interesting. The hostess even talked a little about the origin of tea drinking in Japan.

Next, we met up with other people my friend knew, because she is in both of the local lolita fashion communities. I knew my city had at least one, but nope, there are two. So a good portion of the day was then spent following this group to find other com members, since they had planned a meet at the festival and it would appear that I have crashed their meet. Or maybe since I joined their group after asking what the name on Facebook is, I guess I just attended. There were also many instances of people coming up to the group (our group? I don’t know yet….) and asking for pictures. So I ended up being in a bunch of pictures.

This is today’s outfit, but the way. My Cat’s Broom High Waist JSK and headpiece, a chiffon blouse, wrist cuffs, plain white tights, and my Latasa shoes.  Wore my hair down, but I think it looked fine. Also, my bag was just a Sentimental Circus tote, which doesn’t match and I KNOOOOW it doesn’t match, but it was convenient to carry things around in.

At one point, I try to go eat food from the little cafe area, but the line I picked was cash-only and I didn’t see that until I was nearly to the front. Luckily, I got out of line before ordering, but I wish I had gotten cash this morning. I ate a bread from one of the candy vendors, but that’s not enough.

My friend actually then left, and the group was discussing plans for a future event (similar to Paradiso, but not Paradiso. Actually, there will be a Paradiso 2017 also, but I am unsure if I want to attend that yet. I know I’ll still be in town, but still pondering. Also, no way in hell am I springing for the VIP ticket again, not after that goodie bag). This future event may be next October, and I hope that I am no longer a grad student then, so I don’t think I’ll end up going to it (unless I can get a nice job or postdoc in the area….).

So I left to go meet my friend from High School. Bought a soda which may be the culprit of my current headache (gyah). We went shopping, her boyfriend met up with us, we went back to the food court and I found a food vendor who would take credit cards and got chicken skewers, another possible headache-inducing culprit.

I got a headache, Mom called, and I decided to go home. I made the long journey across campus back to my car. I took off my shoes and almost got lost by thinking I could cut across campus, but eventually made it and my feet hurt no matter what.

Here are the goodies I bought, other than 2 bread pastries and a soda, which I ate.

I really like the design of these boxes. That is a dumb reason to buy cookies. But they are also cheap, and look somewhat tasty. The Moonlight and Marie cookies look like shortbreads or sugar cookies. Now Cheese Pie, I am not sure what to expect. In my mind, I like to imagine that I will sit down and drink tea and eat these fancy Japanese cookies like a proper lady.

I love plushies, so of course I had to buy some plushies. I bought the pink mini Pusheen (to go with my mint mini Pusheen!) and a rainbow Alpacasso because I couldn’t decide which color I wanted. The Alpacasso is so soft and fluffy. I think my Tasty Peach Studio Zombie Alpacas are stuffed more than this one, so this one is slightly floppier. Oh well. I love it anyway.


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