October plans

I originally mentioned that I was considering dressing up for Ren Faire this weekend, but I am having second thoughts.

Ren Fair is really, really dirty. I’m not sure if I want to bother wearing a cute outfit that might get super dirty. I feel like I don’t have time to really put something nice together.  I have a lot going on in lab, and in some games I play, I am trying to get into certain tiers.  Maybe if I have more energy, I’ll at least put together an outfit, even if I don’t actually wear it.

At the end of my committee meeting last month, they wanted me to focus on 3 aims: Gene #1, Gene #2 and then a structure/function experiment that would tie into both. Since the, a new paper has come out, that ties Gene #1 to my gene of interest PLUS two other genes, and they all form a nice, neat little complex (maybe), so my boss is having me focus completely on that. Also, incorporate the structure/function experiment into that. I am kind of excited to work on this now.  I almost wish I had this weekend free to work on it, but already have plans.

There is a school club I am in (sort of), and it is a hot mess, but the club is now planning on having a Halloween party at the end of the month. I LOVE HALLOWEEN SO MUCH. I would dress up in gothic lolita….if I had anything that was gothic lolita other than two blouses. I cannot buy anything either, since I have two very-much-not-gothic dresses on the way, plus all the other junk I bought. Hehe. Good news is, at the Japan Fest last weekend, one of the girls I met mentioned that they’ve had good luck with Soufflesong, so I will eventually buy that damn Butterfly Cemetery dress from them. Just maybe next year.



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