The mysterious flowers

Today is the 7th anniversary of my Dad passing away. I don’t feel overcome with sorrow anymore, and think of it more as a day to remember him and all his weird quirks and the nice memories I have of him. But traditionally, it is a tough day for my entire family.

However, Mom seems to be doing pretty good today. Haven’t heard from my brothers, so I can only assume all is well.

As Mom was getting ready to go to bed, she told me to look out the window. On the tree stump by the street, there was some flowers! I went out to investigate, and eventually brought them into the house. Some yellow-orange mums, and there was no card.

Did someone leave them here on purpose? It’s not a location that would make sense if a neighbor was unloading groceries and just left them here. It seems likely that it was on purpose, but they didn’t leave a card. Who left them? Why did they leave them?

Some reasons I imagine could be the following:

  1. Someone is sad that our Elm tree got cut down. I was sad too, but that was a month ago.
  2. Someone wanted to give Mom flowers but somehow just couldn’t make it to the front door? They could have called ahead then, or left a card. And all the people I can think of who would want to send Mom some flowers would ALSO want to see her in person and chit-chat a little.
  3. Someone wanted to give us flowers because of Dad’s passing. But again, wouldn’t they want to talk to Mom (or me?) and give condolences? And this goes for the second point also, but why leave it on the tree stump and not bring it to the front door?

Since I am slightly paranoid, what if it is someone trying to mess with us also? After all, in the language of flowers, yellow chrysanthemums represent “slighted love”. I don’t think Mom or I have offended anyone lately…..I am probably overthinking this. And I don’t think anyone I know of would be dorky enough to use flower language to send a top secret message either.

This is all very mysterious but kind of interesting, and I like flowers.


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