Happy Birthday!

Today is my 27th birthday!

Yesterday, I went to Renaissance Faire with my friend and my boyfriend.  It was really wonderful.

One of the booths we went to sold jewelry made from real roses! So my boyfriend bought me this necklace. It’s so pretty! It slightly smells like rose also, which is really nice. It seems super delicate, but they said that the necklaces are actually quite sturdy. The rest of the faire was pretty neat too. It was good to spend time with my friend and boyfriend at the same time.

Then today, my boyfriend and I went to a Best Buy that had a PS4 VR demo going on. He is super excited for the new system. I think it’s pretty cool, but right now, I am not particularly interested in getting one.

I got to take him to the cute pastry place I found. I got a bunch of pastries for this week, and he got a blueberry cream cheese pastry that he said he liked.

Mom cooked me my favorite dinner (Springfield Chicken) and then we ate cake.

At the grocery store this morning, I picked out what I though was a Boston Cream Pie. However, it was actually a single layer chocolate cake. Not bad, but a little disappointing considering I wanted a Boston Cream Pie. We still put cherries on top, since cherries are delicious.

I hope this next year is a good one for me. I hope to graduate (finally) and be able to move forward in my life before my next birthday.


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