October 2016 Doki Doki Crate

I tried to think of more creative titles, but it wouldn’t really match the other titles, and I like consistency. So my alternatives are:

Doki Doki Crate October: The Dokining

Double Doki Doki Crate Madness

Doki Doki Doki Doki Crate Month

Why the silly titles? Because my dumb ass accidentally bought TWO this month. Remember when I ordered them at the last minute (along with other crates…it was a weird morning), and I first un-cancelled a subscription, re-cancelled it, and then started a new subscription? (I read in their FAQ that restarting an old sub may take a few days, so if you are near a deadline, just start a new subscription, but of course I read this after restarting an old one. Specifically “Also, please remember that because your subscription will not be billed instantly, if you are trying to make the monthly deadline, it’s best to create a new subscription.”) So it’s my own fault that I got two and not just one, so I reeeally hope they are not exactly the same.

Anyway, here we go.

Same shirt in both? And same variation of the TakeOmo plushie? Crap. :/ Anyway!

Good news is that this shirt is HUGE and looks comfy. It would have been nice to have two different colors, but whatever.

Damnit, Vampire Omo is 100x cuter than Frankenstein’s Monster Take, and I got two of the same. UGHHH. But they have magnets on their ears. Is that part of the Frankenstein’s Monster costume or a new feature? At least they are accurately calling it Frankenstein’s Monster and not just Frankenstein.

Some face masks and Giant Caplico. The other option was Vampire, but I’m rather have Kitty face. And seriously, the Caplico are something I am GLAD to have doubles of. Those are yummy. The face mask kinda fits awkwardly too.

Angel Wing Hair clips, and a Halloween Hoppe (since I have two, I won’t feel bad actually using one), an ugly little coin purse (Chakkun???) and Halloween Stickers. Also, a pen that looks like a syringe. All the rage for menhara fashion, I guess.

The hair clips are actually pretty sturdy, and the wings stick out, so that is interesting. I have no use for them. It’s some Fairy Kei-type stuff, I suppose.I seriously just want to throw away the Chakkun coin purses. They are hideous. But they are also made of some ridiculously soft material.

The syringe pens look really cool, but are your standard ballpoint pen. Ink is meh, and they are small so they’re a little weird to hold. I am going to use the heck out of the halloween stickers though. THAT I can get excited for.

So overall, I am disappointed. I should have expected that I would be disappointed, but I am not only disappointed in myself for accidentally buying TWO boxes, I am disappointed that they are exactly the same. If I got both Omo and Take, then I’d be more cheery.

A better Halloween crate would be more creepy-cute. Take and Omo are fine. Actually, the shirt is awesome, I just wish I had two different ones. Hoppe is always fine, and the stickers are good. The angel hair clips are too cute and not Halloween-y enough to me. THIS would have been a perfect time for bat wing hair clips, or that damn eyeball hairbow from a previous Doki Doki Crate.

The coin purse and syringe pens and face mask don’t fit in with the cute-ness I would want. Maybe a little pumpkin coin purse instead? If you’re going to do stationary, do gel pens, or something that isn’t just super cheap ballpoint pens (even though I do like the syringe idea….so a syringe necklace instead!).

Oh well. I have several more subscription crates coming this month, and other goodies too.

The people behind Doki Doki Crate are also introducing a Beauty crate, Kira Kira crate. DAMN. I really enjoy Asian Skincare and Makeup, but the first crate looks kind of meh. I do plan on giving it a shot at some point. Heck, since I seem so intent on giving the Japan Crate people my money despite all the past disappointments, I’ll probably do a month where I try ALL their crates (Doki Doki again, the original Japan Crate of candy, Umai Crate of noodles and the beauty Kira Kira crate). Surely a candy and ramen noodle crate can’t disappoint me that much, right?


2 thoughts on “October 2016 Doki Doki Crate

  1. Megan says:

    Hi! I love takeomo and love Frankenstein! I got Omo which is great but I sorely want a take as well.. Since you got two would you be willing to sell me one? Thanks!


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