Fanplusfriend Puck’s Prank Classical Flowery JSK

My Puck’s Prank dresses arrived the other day, so here are some pictures of the JSK.

They shipped my dresses in a nice box, but also included this little canvas bag. Is this supposed to be a garment storage bag? I’m now using it to store hangers.

Here is the JSK in the Misty Rose/Fairy Blue colorway.

The front tie is kind of odd, but I am pretty sure that is the front, based on the flower placement on the straps.

This dress is short, and I can’t really use my normal petticoat without rolling up the top to shorten it. The stock photos show the model earing that gorgeous petticoat, but for simple classic lolita, a shorter petticoat is needed.

This dress is unlined, which bothers me. I don’t mind if the skirt is unlined, but the bodice is as well. Model goes blouseless, but when I tried it on, a blouse looks fine. The front neckline is pretty high, so the frills on the front of the blouse look a little weird.

Here is the back of the dress. The waist-tie is a nice material, but it really does wrap all the way around the bodice. Looks nice, but it kind of interferes with the zipper on the side.

On the front, there is some print detail on the non-flowery strap side. This is very different from other dresses where there is print detail in the middle. Still, nice and simple.

I like the print. The print was the thing that I fell in love with for this print. Little fairies and the JSK has a nice lace trim. I also like the gradient effect, where the top is pink and it changes to blue.

Included with the JSK is this skirt piece. It ties around the waist and has fairy petal pieces and another weird piece that ties around the neck. I guess a choker? I had to look at the stock photos again to figure out how the top part even attaches to the outfit. This part isn’t lolita, this is a costume-y part. I guess I can be a fairy for Halloween.

Finally, there is a little bow pin that can be attached anywhere, and a small capelet that can be buttoned on. Honestly, when I tried the JSK on today, I didn’t mess with these at all, but I can forsee the box being very useful.

Dress fits well, and it’s pretty.  I wish the bodice was lined, but oh well. This dress can be worn in a costume-y way and a more appropriate lolita style, so it is fairly versatile.


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