Fanplusfriend Puck’s Prank Classical Flowery OP

The other Puck’s Prank dress I received was the OP in Antique Blue/Divine Grey. This colorway kind of reminds me of winter.

Such wrinkled hell. I need to iron this. Anyway, the OP is very simple. No trim anywhere. The skirt is long enough for my regular petticoat, but strangely, this OP included a short petticoat. That one is not poofy enough, in my opinion, and seems to be a little too short. Luckily, it is the perfect length for the JSK.

Detail of the front bodice, where there is a little fairy in the middle, and also the flower vines print. I think this would be perfect for a small broach or jewel piece to attach to the front. Actually, since F+F has been releasing a ton of stuff with handmade flowers, a little flower broach would have fit nicely here too. If I had bought the same colorway for both JSK and OP, then a lot of the accessories of the JSK would work here, but since I bought different colorways, it would clash.

Not pictured here are the ribbons for tying around the neck. They are pretty much just thin ribbons with a clasp so they can be attached to the inside of the bodice and then tied behind the neck. I don’t think I will ever bother with it. Especially since I plan on wearing this with a blouse and I don’t want to overcomplicate things. Like the JSK, the neckline is a little higher than the blouse ruffles.

Details on the back. Simple lace up. When I tried this dress on, I didn’t mess with the lacing, at all, and the dress is actually slightly large around my chest. I will definitely need to lace this up properly.

Detail of the print at the bottom. Like I mentioned, no lace trim or anything.

Here is the petticoat. I checked it against the black petticoat I got in a set last year, and this appears to be inside out. Whoops. It’s not very fluffy, but it could be used to layer with another one.

Something weird is that it was really smelly when I received it. I am going to hang it up for a few days and hope the smell goes away.


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