Musings and such

I just realized…I now own 11 lolita dresses.

  • F+F Musical Palmer JSK (navy)
  • F+F Enchanted Forest JSK (light blue/mint)
  • two F+F Chiffon Lover JSKs (blue and lavender)
  • two LE&SE Mushroom Forest JSK (lavender and brown)
  • two Cat’s Broom Secret Garden JSK (but different cuts…white and lavender)
  • Angelic Pretty Aquarium Carnival Special Set OP
  • F+F Puck’s Prank OP (blue/grey)
  • F+F Puck’s Prank JSK (pink/blue)

This was all within the span of a year.

Before I buy any more dresses, I need to make sure I actually wear everything (not just trying on….). Also, I definitely need to invest in more blouses, and no idea what will happen once winter comes because I do not own any long sleeve blouses or lolita-appropriate jackets or anything.

There are 11 weeks left in 2016. So I am going to try to wear a dress every weekend for the rest of the year. I think the only weekends where I fail will be when I go to see the boyfriend, but I will make up for that.

Thinking forward to 2017, I think I want to invest in more NOT-fanplusfriend clothes, since right now, that brand dominates my wardrobe. Also, more blouses and jackets. Of course, all pending me getting a job after graduation next summer.


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