11 weeks to go – AP Aquarium Carnival

Finally wore my Aquarium Carnival Special Set OP. Geez, that’s a long title, but surely someone out there would be cranky if I just call it an OP, cause it’s not the original OP.

Behold, it mostly fits. Only the elastic on the arms are kind of uncomfortable. I am not leaving the house today, so I am not bothering to do anything with my hair, or change my nail polish. Obviously, I’d style my hair better and wear matching nail polish if I was going to leave the house. I wore the wrist cuffs for the pictures only and then took them off. Also, no makeup today, but in real life, one would wear makeup.

A quick run down of what I am wearing:

  • AP Special Set Aquarium Carnival OP
  • Plain white tights (because I am likely never to be into patterned tights)
  • Homemade Writstcuffs from Maiden Loliland
  • Sam&Libby Chelsea flats in Fawn (until after the pictures, and then I wore houseslippers around the house, hah)
  • F+F White Petticoat (came with the Puck’s Prank OP)
  • Homemade trash Petticoat to wear under the F+F petticoat so it will be less itchy

I think these tights need to be washed again or tossed or something. Also, I don’t have shoes that perfectly match this dress. I would need some light blue shoes. What I have are fawn/beige shoes, so if I had to wear this dress out today, that’s what I’d wear.

In my normal life, where I wear normal clothes, I sit on the floor a lot to play video games or work on my computer. I do not want to sit on the floor in my nice dress, so I had to think of other activities to do.

So I put away laundry and the clean dishes. I reorganized the makeup table in my room. I updated my physical diary since I have been pretty bad at writing lately. I took notes on what I could do better with this particular outfit. I mused why I am getting so many headaches lately.

My younger cat was a little terrified of all the petticoats, but has since realized I am not a monster. The older cat does not care. My mother also does not care, which is nice.

Eventually, I made lunch, and that includes tea. This is Harney&Son’s Royal English Breakfast Tea. For the most part, it tastes like normal English Breakfast tea, but there is a flavor to it I can’t quire put my finger on, which stands out. Not bad, but I also don’t think I would go out of my way to acquire it. Also, this small tin was a pain to open the first time. and now the lid does not seal very tightly.

Decided to make a fancy lunch. So tea, some toast with cream cheese, grapes and Marie biscuits.

I picked this dress first because I had yet to try it on since acquiring it, and also, it doesn’t require a blouse. I think my long term goal is to become more of a lifestyle lolita, but right now, but for the moment, I am very limited on blouses. I own 4 blouses, but only 2 white and 2 black. Almost all of my dresses are more sweet and would look stupid with a black blouse. So I will need to be creative. Also, I’ll need to be creative for the winter ILD (should try to actually look good then), a Craft Fair I plan on attending with a friend (how casual can I get with what I have?) and general winter weather (just how ita is adding this normie cardigan??). So this OP was easy cause it has sleeves.


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